Micro-Needling Explained

Micro-needling is a new method that has recently found a strong footing in the area of cosmetics and skin defect treatments. The method can have an incredible acceleration effect on collagen and elastin volume in the skin. In this video, you can see how using this method we create many micropores on the skin to increase collagen formation. We can accelerate the process further by applying mesotherapy drugs to the area at the same time. To contact us please use 77801219 or 44017715.


Greetings. I’m Dr. Reza’e administration at Behsima cosmetic care clinic. Today I want to talk to you about micro-needling.

Micro-needling is a semi-aggressive method that has become more and more useful in recent years and nowadays has found many practices. It’s comparable to ablative and fractional laser therapy and is as effective as chemical methods.

People with acne scars, burn marks, stretch marks caused by natural growth or pregnancy, superficial wrinkles, dark spots, and open skin pores are suitable and can be treated using this method. Contraindication or prohibited usage cases include pregnant women, people with immune system deficiency, colloid tissue formation, those who have had aggressive laser therapy in the last few months, used powerful skin pealing medication and those who are using Akutan drugs.

There are manual and electronic tools for this type of therapy. Manual machines are called derma rollers that include a metal handle connected to a roller that will penetrate the skin using the needles on the roller once applied to the skin. The electronic machine is called a derma pen that includes a special cartridge with a specific number of needles made from high-quality metals. The needles can easily penetrate the skin without leaving a mark and penetrate the derma layer directly.

The depth of penetration should be adjusted prior to operation. Based on the thickness of the skin on the area we want to work with, we can adjust this value from 0.5 to 2.5 millimeters. The speed with which the needles will penetrate the tissue is optimized to prevent damage to the skin. The advantage of this device in contrast to ablative and fractional lasers is that it will not leave a mark on the skin and no irritation will be caused since the needle will enter the derma layer directly. The very small inflammation left on the skin after the operation will disappear after a few days of proper care.

Our model has small wrinkles around her eyes and we want to use this method to eliminate these wrinkles. The skin must be completely cleansed using suitable products. It should be sterilized using alcohol or Betadine to make sure there are no germs. We use local anesthetics on the area. You should give the anesthetic twenty to thirty minutes for full effect. Put the correct cartridge on the machine and adjust the penetration depth based on the area we want to operate. To work around the eyes, the penetration depth should be 5.0 to 1 millimeters.

My client is now ready and I want to start the operation. While we go through this type of treatment, we can still use compatible drugs to improve the process. These include anti-aging or anti-wrinkle drugs, hyaluronic acid and skin lightening products. After applying these drugs to the skin, the needles on the machine will help the drug enter the skin layer. This process should continue until you notice pinpoint bleeding.

No pressure should be applied to the cartridge during the operation. Just touch the skin with the derma pen and move it slowly around the area. If the machine is of poor quality, there’s a chance of scar formation or spots on the skin. Use repair creams, sunscreens and sunblock to accelerate the healing process. This method will stimulate fibroblasts and increase collagen and elastin formation across the skin. This will reduce the size and depth of the scar and increase the drug absorption volume to accelerate healing.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To learn more about this and other methods, please call us using the numbers provided in the description.

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