3D Nail Design Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, we show you a complete 3D flower design on nail. This video is provided by Shafi’e beauty salon.


Greetings. I’m going to show you how to design a beautiful 3D flower on your nail. It’s going to be a Rose. 3D flowers come in different types and designs and have their own technics.

To design our flower we are going to use a white chalky powder and different brush with different sizes. I’m going to use a medium brush for this Rose. he size of the brush will change depending on the size of the flower you’re designing and it will help get a more beautiful result. You can also use different colors of powder. There are also some decorative objects you can add. These flowers can be designed flat or in a 3D form.

I add the bigger leaves first. You have to use the width of the brush as well as its pointy-head to form the leaves. The more you push on the product it will get bigger and more flat. Some clients rather not have very bulky or bulging flowers on their nail and some do. Use pressure to form the flower leaves as you like them.

As you can see, the outer layer of the leaves isn’t in a particular order. You don’t have to follow a pattern or order the design in some particular way. You can do it whichever way you like. We’re going to add the rest of the leaves between the previous ones. The more you move toward the inside of the flower, the smaller the leaves get. Try to use the tip of the brush more. For the center, I’m making a ball with the powder and use the brush to put a small hole in the center. You have to wait for a little before adding the hole.

I’m adding a few more leaves to fill the empty spaces on the nail. This makes the design look better. Here’s I’m going to use a few colored powders to make the design better. Now it's time to add our colored powders to the nail to give our flower a bit character. You can use whatever color you want. Leave the outer parts be white so it looks like there’s light reflected from the flower. You can use a denser color if that’s what you prefer. I’m using a green powder for the two leaves on the bottom. A little more color on the center of the leaf and less around it.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope it’s been useful. If you are interested in learning 3D nail designs or working with nail forms, powder nails designs, single stroke designs and many more, please contact us with the numbers in the description.

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