How To: Classic Chignon

In this tutorial, we will show you how to design a beautiful chignon hairstyle. This video was provided by BehSima Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at 77801219, or 44017715.


Greetings. Today we are here on from BehSima Beauty Institute to talk to you about another chignon hairstyle. The chignon I want to show you today is a classic chignon, which is done mainly in the back of the head.

I have already separated the hair into five parts. Let’s start the process. I have already prepared a hair prosthetic which I am going to use in the back of the head. Let’s attach the prosthetic to the hair. After attaching the prosthetic, use the hair layer to cover the surface and then spray some styling spray on the hair. Let’s take a layer from the side of the hair which we had put aside before and brush it thoroughly. Apply a little styling spray.

Put the hair diagonally on the back of the hair, pull the remaining layer from the left to the right under the prosthetic, and fix it with a hairpin. Separate the crown into two parts. You should separate the sections horizontally. Let’s put on part aside for now. Tease the hair a little, close to the root. Apply a bit more styling spray. Put the handle of your brush under the hair layer and form the hair into an S shape. Attach the bottom of the layer to your prosthetic using a hairpin. Apply fixing spray to the hair again.

Take the next layer of hair. Tease the hair near the root. Take the remainder of the layer and hide it beneath the prosthetic. Now let’s work on the front. Tease the bangs close to the root a little. Hide the remainder of the layer behind the previous layers. Use the tip of your brush and hair spray to gather up the stranded hair. Apply some styling spray on the hair and then remove the hairclips gently. You can attach decorative hairpins on the hair afterward. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We will be happy to meet you in our classes over at BehSima Beauty Institute.

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