How To: Make Your Nose Look Shorter

In this tutorial, we talk about applying makeup to your nose in order to change its appearance. These techniques are very useful when it comes to cosmetics and can be performed using light and dark creams or highlighters.


Greetings. Today I want to talk to you about nose makeup.

Since our client’s nose is narrow at the middle and a little wider at the top, we want to make the middle look wider and the top a little thinner in order to create more symmetry.

As you can see, we’re adding a darker shade to the top and a little on the tip of the nose. A little under the nose. Let’s add a lighter shade on the middle, where the nose is thin and add a little touch up to fade the lines. Touch the tip with the brush slightly to add a little light powder. Also, add a light shade on the alae. This process will help the nose look a little thicker on the thinnest parts. Let’s work a bit more with our dark shade.

If you pay close attention, I’m trying to use the shades to break the nose into different parts. So the first part on the tip is a little lighter, then a little darker above that, then again a darker shade on the thin middle part. At the top, I’ve added a dark shade also. This will cause a visual illusion and make the nose look wider in the middle and shorter. This will create symmetry for this client’s nose.

Let’s add a dark shade under the eyes and around the nose to remove the puffiness. Use the light shade immediately under the nose and on the upper lip.

The area under the eyes is very effective on how the nose is perceived. Let’s add a light shade to help embolden the darkness of the nose. I do the same on the eyelids. I’m combining the different shades a bit using the brush and also applying a light shade on the forehead.

As you can see, the nose looks more symmetrical now.

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