How To: Nail Makeup Without Nail Tips

In this short video tutorial, we are going to show you a natural way for nail makeup without using powders or nail tips. This method is very suitable for those of you who want to have a natural looking nail but can’t add tips or have small natural nails. If you are interested in receiving more information about Ostoureh Beauty Center, please contact us at .


Now we can proceed with adding the product. Greetings. I’m here from Ostoureh Beauty Center with a video tutorial on nail makeup. This type of nail makeup is called a natural nail design.

This type of nail work is perfect for those who have restrictions due to their work and can’t have long nails or people who chew on their nails or their nails are naturally small. Like all other types of nail work, you have to prepare the basis and then starting adding the product. Add the anti-fungus, wait for it to dry and then add a layer of primer. I have added the anti-fungus and primer. Now we can proceed with adding the product. As I said, this method is very useful for those who can’t have long nails or chew on them, because there is no tip added to the nail in this type of nail work.

As you can see, I’ve already added the products. This nail is been done without adding powder or tip. The nail will look very natural. This type of nail work is perfect for those who have small nails or chew their nails. You can’t add a tip to a small nail because it will stick to the tissue and also it’s not possible to use powders because if you chew on your nails the cuticles will detach from the nail slightly and it will cause air infusion and ruin the work. Like other types of work, we have to start scrubbing the nail.

Our work is done. We’ve also finished scrubbing. Since there’s no tip and the nail has been raised using products, we’re going to have to use a small cone-shaped scrub for under the nail. If you look under the nail you’ll realize there’s no difference between this and a natural nail. The nail isn’t thick and the client will be very comfortable with this nail. You can also use this scrub around the nail if the cuticles have been damaged. You can also add gel to this nail. Since the point is for the nail to look discreet, gel is the best option. There’s no need to use polish.

This is the conclusion of our tutorial on natural nail work and we hope to meet you all in our classes.

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