How To: PhiBrows Micro-blading Tutorial

The first thing that happens is numbing the area. Wait for several minutes till it’s fully numb, then begin mapping out the brows outlines based on the face shape.
The treatment is performed by disposable pencil blades and PhiBrows dyes. One thing to keep in mind is that the strokes must be drown in a way that look closely similar to the natural hair.


Greetings to every one of you dear followers, I'm Arezoo Shafiee, the founder of Shafiee beauty saloon. Today we're gonna teach you microblading in the PhiBrows method. very well, to get started in the micro-blading we first need to do the necessary mapping out. but because we're short of time, we've already made the pre-treatment arrangements. however I'll explain the procedure in which we make the initial preparations for the treatment. the first step is getting the client's face prepared which includes removing extra hair around the brows, dying the brows. designing the brow in proportion to the face shape based on the client's taste. as well as providing correct consultancy. after you've agreed on a particular design with the client, start numbing the area. take an approximately 20 minute pause. Then formulate the dye preferably two shades lighter than what the client asks for. Then pick a U micro-blading needle and begin hachuring the brows. take so much care to put the strokes as similar to natural brow hair as possible.

However, there are various techniques for this purpose. but it's better to put natural looking hair strokes. and put the hacures on the brows among the natural long hair even if it is sparse. you never need to shave the brows on the tail or cut them around the outline. some guys ask us if this treatment damages the hair roots. but the papilla cells of the hair are almost 7 mm deep in the skin. while we go only 1 mm deep in the skin with micro-blading. so neither of these treatments causes harmful effect to the roots nor do they cause hair loss. in the last step, we waited till the pigments sink in. to achieve a better absorption of the pigments as well as more delicate strokes, we let the pigment remain on the skin for several minutes before wiping off the brows. what we just did for this client is called brow blading in PhiBrows method. in case the clients are not satisfied with the strokes distances, we can provide them with a shading technique in the correction session.

Well, we're done with this tutorial, we're looking forward to meeting you in person. Dear followers of Rojelab website you can download the tutorials you watch on this website. hope to meet you in our classes.

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