Lashline Pigmentation Explained

In this brief tutorial, you can see how a lashline pigmentation is applied to a model. We also try to answer common questions that most clients and students have about this process. This video is provided by Mrs. Shayegan from Noghre Negar Institute. To receive consultancy or join our classes, please contact us at 09391794999.


Greetings. I’m Shaygan, Micro-pigmentation artist from Noghre Negar institute. Today I want to talk to you about lashline pigmentation.

Before we start, there are a few things to point out. It’s important to sanitize the area you want to work on. It’s also crucial to sterilize your tools. Another important factor is the color quality. You should always make sure to use a high-quality color for you lashline pigmentation.

We often hear that our students or colleagues have issues with this process because the pigments don’t take effect or they experience color diffusion and the pigmented area looks blue. Aside from using a high-quality pigment material, you should be careful not to pull the skin too much during the procedure.

Pulling the skin too tight will cause color diffusion and the pigmentation will look blue or grey. Another important is using the right color to avoid color diffusion. For a darker skin with blue pigments, you should always use a small amount of orange in your mix.

We are often asked about the material used as an anesthetic. You should always use anesthetic ointments. Never use alcoholic products like lidocaine. Alcohol products will cause a color change in pigmentation or your pigments will turn grey or blue. Designing is not required for lashline pigmentation. You have to perform this process based on the natural form of the client’s face and the distance between the two eyes. If the eyes are a little closer to each other, you shouldn’t add the lashline over the whole length of the eyelash.

Now we are going to start the process. Start at the outer edge of the eye. You should work on the root of the eyelashes. Touch the roots with the cartridge and use a single or double tipped blade. Touch across the root of the eyelash using with the pigmentation tool. Lots of clients and students mistakenly think that hachure is the same as Micro-pigmentation. However, in actuality, hachure is a subcategory of Micro-pigmentation. We can perform different types of Micro-pigmentation on lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Just as a reminder, remember not to pull the eyelid or the skin too tight. This can cause color diffusion during the pigmentation process. If you want to perform an eyeliner pigmentation, first you have to do a lashline pigmentation and then the eyeliner. Because if you don’t, there will be an empty space between the eyeliner and eyelash which will not look good.

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