How To: Eyelash Enhancement Tutorial

Eyelash enhancement is a method to provide semi-permanent make-up to eyelashes. During this procedure the technician will add color to the lash line, it will make eyelashes appear darker and fuller. It also brightens and accentuates the eyes.
The anesthetic material is applied to the lids prior to beginning the treatment. Keep in mind that under no circumstances should it spread to inside the eyes.
Here’s a full instruction of the procedure by Ms. Sharareh Vahedi. To attend her instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.


Hello to every one of you Rojelab website. I'm Sharare Vahedi, Today I'm gonna show you an eyelash enhancement method. which gives you a result of something similar to eye liner. It won't be as wide as eye liner, but not too thin either, the tail of its line will be just a bit angled. I do hope you will find it useful. well, I'm done with this eyelash enhancement item. as you see, it normally becomes a little swollen, that's why the eyelash line looks a bit wider. however, it becomes a bit narrow once the swelling goes down, as I said, you see it's not as wide as eye liner. well, we're all over with this tutorial. I believe everybody is born naturally beautiful, we just try to reveal this beauty. you can contact us through the provided phone numbers. we're looking forward to seeing you in our beauty salon.

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