How To: Lips Make-up Tutorial

To get a plump and fleshy effect on the lips, start drawing the lip lines from the corner and continue around the lips. The pen used for drawing the lines has to be sharpened before use.
For the lower lip, you can put a full arch or a heart-shaped line under the lip border.
After putting the lip lines, apply a lipstick with a brighter colour to the insides of the lips. To enroll in classes provided by Kimia beauty salon, please dial the numbers available.


Hello everyone, I'm Hajar Naseri, a make-up expert in Kimia beauty salon. Today we're gonna show you a lip plumping technique. okay for plumping this lip we have here which already looks pretty enough, we'll start drawing a border from the inner corners outwards. continue drawing this line outwards. Don't forget to sharpen the pen before beginning to draw. now do the same on the right side. and draw the line on the outer border of the lip. keep in mind that the client must hold her lips completely still while you're drawing this line. so you can draw it properly at the right place. now for the lower lip, start from the corner drawing the border underneath the lip. you can draw a full arch or a heart-shaped line. well, when we have finished the lip lines, we'll leave the insides of the upper and lower lip untouched to apply a lighter lipstick. pick a cream colour lipstick and apply to the upper and lower lips.

Then fade it with a brush. the brighter the colour in make-up, the plumper will the lips look. but of course, we should consider the proportion of the lips to the face. as I already said the use of contrast in colours will make the lips look plumper. I mean the borders are dark while the insides are bright in colour. as you see, the lips look fleshy here, I'll add some more darkness to the borders. to add up to the colour contrast on the lips. those who are keen to learn this make-up skill can sign up for our classes by dialing the available numbers. see you later.

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