How To: Push Light Technique

In this tutorial, we will cover a method for applying push lightly to the hair.


Greetings. I am Maryam Ebrahimpour. I am a hairstyle, chignon, and hair formula, expert and instructor. Today I am here with a tutorial about working with hair formulas. I am going to show you a push light technique. Nevertheless, you can also use this technique in Ombre, Sombre, and color melting.

Let’s tease the root of the hair. Apply a little material to our foam wrap. Now fade the material upward and add it to the whole layer downward. We can use a decoloring powder and oxidant number 2 or 9 percent. If you want to reach platinum blond hair, depending on the background color of the hair, which means something close to a level 9 or 10, we must use nine percent oxidant. Otherwise, if you just want to lighten the hair, you can use 6 percent oxidant as well.

Fade the hair upward. Fading is very important in this process because this way we can avoid creating a visible border on the hair. I will continue this same process to the top. Let’s separate another part of the hair. Tease the hair close to the root. Apply some decoloring powder to the foam wrap. This will help make the hair stick to the foam wrap and fix it. Put another layer of foam wrap on top. This is the last layer of hair, which is at the top of the head. We use the same method to tease the hair. Tease the hair to the point where only a thin layer of the hair remains.

Apply the material to the foam wrap again. Continue until the end of the layer and fade it as we did before. I just wanted to show you the technique and since the front of the model is already highlighted, we started in the back. We should apply the material the same way by picking the layers horizontally until the end of the layer. Remember we have to fade the top of the layer. Put the foam wrap on the top.

As you can see, the front of the hair has a highlight already. I separate the few layers that do not have a highlight. We do this for the purpose of this tutorial to teach you about the technique. Tease the root like this and apply the material. You can separate the layer horizontally. Apply the product to the hair and fade it at the top. Put another layer of foam wrap on the top. There are still a few dark layers of hair remaining underneath the hair. Let’s separate these as well. Tease the root of the hair. A thin layer remains where we apply the product. We do the same for the left side.

We can use foil wraps instead of foam. Still, foam is easier to work with and will not slip. This is the end of our decoloring process. We did not reach anywhere above level eight or nine because we did not want to damage the hair. If you look closely, there is no visible line on the hair. The teasing and fading process helped us hide the border of highlight. We will apply a dye to the hair and come back. My work is finished. I used champagne, caramel, and natural colors. We can use this color mix on hair with bleach levels around 9 or 10. If you look closely, there are no lines visible at the on the hair at all.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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