How To: Skin Rejuvenation Using Gold Therapy

To get started apply the AHA thoroughly on the skin around the eyes. Then put the AHA pads on the skin. After 5 minutes, remove the pads and massage the skin in rotational movements.
Clean the eye skin with a clean pad and apply the gold gel pad. Massage the gel and wait for 3 minutes, then put the gold masks on the areas having wrinkles and dark patches.


Hello everyone, I'm Jaleh Khodayar, the founder of Matin Rooyan institute. In this tutorial we'll show you a technique to rejuvenate and smooth the wrinkles around the eyes. using the gold therapy method. We begin with the wrinkle smoothing around the eye. For this purpose. we'll start the process with the AHA for around the eyes. in this session, I wanna make the eye rejuvenation through gold therapy. so first use the eye AHA. apply the AHA. Then place the eye pad to activate this AHA. wait for 5 to 6 minutes while the client's eyes remain closed. This AHA is made up of citrus fruits. This is the best treatment for the under-eye wrinkles and darkness. make sure the pads are sterile . your maximum wait could be 10 minutes long. Then remove the pads. and massage the eyes. just rotate the fingers around the eyes. there are 12 different movements for massaging according to the skin conditions. If the eye skin is wrinkled. apply movements for rejuvenation. If there's darkness, you must use absorbing massage and if there's falling on the eyelids, use eye lifting movements.

Massage the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes at most. when we're done with the massage, wipe the eye skin. Then apply the gold mask. but before putting the mask on the eyes. use the gold massage gel. This gel type contains gold and has a credible identification number. and its carat number is written on the packing. unfortunately there are many fake substances in yellow colour that are sold to the saloon technicians as gold containing material. but they are fake material containing no amount of gold. but this one that we are using is fully approved in its carat number. and is capable of doing the rejuvenation of your skin. so don't accept every product as a gold gel. but there are no agents in the country for genuine skin care gold products. again give the rotational massage. in this step, warm and cold compress is needed.

We must use either warm or cold compress depending on the skin needs. based on the needs, you can know which one to use. we're almost done with the massage. I'll use a warm compress on this skin. as I said, the compress type will depend on the client's needs. the compress stays on the eyes for 1 to 3 minutes. Then we'll use the gold sheet mask. their quality depends on the alloy they are formulated in. so be careful to buy it with a credible trade mark. to be sure of the gold content of this product. when the pause time for the compress is over. It comes to the gold mask. put the gold sheets anywhere on the skin you wish to make the rejuvenation. you can also use these gold sheets for around the lips. and wherever you feel the need for rejuvenation. wherever you see darkness or wrinkle, you can use the mask. you can use less sheets for the areas that you feel don't need much rejuvenation.

You can use this mask on every area where you see any wrinkles. you will be charged according to the amount of gold mask and cream massage and gold serum we use on your face. on the other words, it depends on the wrinkles and the darkness on the skin that how much material is used. the activation substance of these sheets would be the gold-containing serum of this product. along with water which are used simultaneously to activate the sheets. the pause duration would be 15 to 20 minutes, then the sheets are massaged. after staying on the skin for 20 minutes. the sheets are again massaged with serum and water. the massages would be clockwise and counter-clockwise rotational movements. Then we can remove the leftover sheets off the face after the massage. now I wanna remove the mask. massage the eyes. in rotational movements. we're done with this treatment and now we can clean the face.

There's no need to rinse it. no cosmetics are needed for around the eyes in 5 to 6 hours. and after 6 hours from the treatment, you are allowed to use any anti-wrinkle material and skincare product. but it's better if you use any of these make-up material after 24 hours. very well, this gold therapy tutorial is over now. I hope it's been useful for you. To learn more about our courses, dial the numbers provided. see you again soon.

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