How To: Facial Massage Therapy

In this tutorial, you can learn a facial massage intended to help form facial muscles and tissue. This video has been provided by Viona Beauty Academy. To receive more information please contact us at 0935600743 or 02177431560.


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Greetings. Today we’re here from Viona Beauty Academy with a tutorial on face massage. Here we’re going to use massage as a way to form the face.

Use massage oil to lubricate your hands. Start from the chin and move upward. Move up to the nose, move your finger to the forehead, and move them across the forehead. You can repeat this movement three to five times. Work around the lips using two fingers in upward movements. Massage the cheeks using your fingers in a circular movement.

Go back to the side of the nose and moving your hand toward the ala focus on this point using your thumbs. Use your hands to massage the points on the corner of the eyes. Do the same for the forehead. Now we have to go back down and work on the part below the eyes. Start at the outer edge of the eyes and move your hands in semicircular movement. Do the same for the chin. After that, you have to move your hand from the chin up, with a springy movement. You can also move your hands with a spiral movement.

Use your fingers to flick the face upward. Do this across the face. You can also close your hands and use your knuckles to massage the face until under the cheeks. You can start from the neck. Now use your index or middle finger in a semicircular movement. Do the same type of movement starting from the cheeks and up to the corner of the lips.

Now do a scissor movement using both hands. Open your fingers and massage the chin using both hands. Now do the scissor movement around the eyes. Put your finger under the eye and move it to the nose and across the forehead, increasing the pressure as you cross the forehead and less pressure below the eyes. Now using your thumbs, try to draw an S shape on the forehead and then the same shape on the chin.

Move to the inside edge under the eyes and use your finger to flick the skin downward. At last, use the palm of your hand to massage the face upward. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use chemical massage oils such as paraffin or baby oil. These types of lubricants can close the skin pores and prevent oxygen delivery to the skin.

I hope this video has been useful to you. Those of you who are planning to join our classes will receive a verified certificate at the end of the class.

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