European Face Makeup Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, we try to show a European style of makeup. This tutorial was produced by Viona Beauty Academy. If you require more information or consultancy, please contact us at 09356000743 or 02177431560.


Greetings. We’re here with a tutorial on European makeup from Viona Beauty Academy.

First, add the primer across the face to control the oiliness of the skin and as the basis for our makeup. As the first step for our eyemakeup, use a concealer as the basis for our eye shadow. Then use a light fixing powder focusing on areas under the eyebrow and the inner edge of the eyes. Next, add your eye shadow under the bone of the eye socket just at the top of the eyelid. Use a lighter shadow to fade the darker one. Then use the lighter shadow across the eyelids. In the end, to emphasize our darker shade, add the darker shadow on top one more time. Add concealer under the eyes and dry it using a light fixing powder.

Draw the eyeliner on the lower eyelid and use a lighter color to fade it. Use the same colors you used on the eyelids below the eyes from darker to lighter. In the end, to emphasize our darker shades, use the dark shade one more time.

Draw the eyeliner based on the natural form of the eyes. To make the eyelashes look better, use single false eyelashes. At this stage, use a cream suitable to the model’s natural skin color and add it across the face. It’s important to note that if the face has a buff or tan color, it’s better to use a pink or peach colored cream and vice versa.

To hide the defects, use dark and light pan sticks. The point of this is to correct symmetry and form the different parts of the face. This is based on the physics of light and optical illusions, by making some parts of the face lighter to make them look bigger, and other parts darker to make them look smaller.

Based on the size of the model’s nose, we will fade the dark shade inside the curve of the eyebrow. If the nose were longer than normal, we would fade the shade under the eyebrow. In the end, use the fixing powder in two different colors with a focus on the darker and lighter spectrum we just created.

When it comes to designing the eyebrows, you need to pay attention to a few things. The color of the eyes, the space between the eyes and the eyebrows, size and form of the nose, size of the face, and the requirements of the event or time. If the eyebrow is thicker or denser, you have to use fewer products during the design. Disregarding this important fact will make the person look sullen and abnormal. To hachure the eyebrow, add lines with the size of the hair to the eyebrow. If the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes are too close, try to add the makeup above the eyebrows instead of below them.

After making sure the glue from the false single eyelashes are dry, use a lash roller or mascara and focus on the lower eyelashes. It’s better if the blusher is the same or close color to the lipstick. For people with round faces, add a diagonal blusher and for people with longer faces add it horizontally across the face close to the lips.

Use a shimmer to make the cheeks look more prominent. To add symmetry and form the lips, we can use two different colors of lip liner. Use the darker liner for places you want to add volume. Keep in mind not to draw the line far above the actual lip line. If there was a bruise on the lips, cover it with a pink liner first and then add the actual lipstick based on the face and makeup. Use a light lipstick if the eyemakeup is dark. Use a lighter shade inside the lips.

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