How To: Facial Beauty Tutorial

To get started, we need to make the necessary foundation using the concealer. Then fixing it with compact powder. Put a medium dark shading on the outer corner of the eye. Keep shading until you reach the third line of the eye.
Pick a suitable colour for the middle part on the lid. You may apply a glitter improve the shine of the shading. This style is appropriate for night parties.
You can watch a full instruction of shine make-up in the video below.


Hello everyone, I'm Arezoo Shafiee, the founder of the Shafiee beauty saloon. Today, we're gonna teach you an Arabic style eye make-up technique. I hope you can make the best use of this tutorial. Dear pals, to get started, first we need to make the necessary foundation. apply the concealer on the lids. using a special pad. spread the substance thoroughly all over the lids. polish the substance along with that. pick a concealer which is suitable to the shade tone in colour. to apply the fixing powder, consider the amount of substance to be used and picking the suitable brush. in this step, repeat using the dry compact for the foundation. during this step. the client's eyes must be closed as this one here. in fact, this is for the stabilization of the foundation. now the base is prepared to begin putting the shading on.

Apply a medium doll shade on the outer corner of the eye. we'd better perform each shading step on both eyes. We keep applying this shadow till the third line of the eye in the inner corner. This shade is fully suitable to the face shape of this model. This shading is never suitable for sunken eyes . and those whose eyebrows are too close to the eyes. make the outer corner a bit darker on a smaller area. we've picked a colour which best fits the face skin colour. eyebrows colour, eyes colour . and even the colour of the hair. We used warm tone colours. after completing the dark parts of the shading. We try to put light colours for shading the distance between the eye and the brow. it's better if we again use light warm tones. actually by doing so. We are able to create a finer shade cut. now we are doing the shade highlighting on the lids. The raised point on the lid is exactly where we put the highlight.

One feature in new styles that has become trendy nowadays among the artists works. is using eye glitters. which for this model here, we use a light glitter for the highlight part of the lid. This make-up style is appropriate for ceremonies such as night parties, wedding parties. and of course often applied on those having characteristic faces. to use the glitter, we should be aware that. every make-up style has its own limitations. For example, we can't use a light glitter for all styles. or just apply it on the lids. in some eye make-up styles, dark glitters are used for different areas on the eyelid. before the last step in the lid make-up. apply the concealer under the eyes. now we'll do the fixation for the lower lid. we'll pick the same colour for shading the lower lid as for the upper one. we'll apply a light shine shading for the inner corners.

For the brows make-up, first make the foundation around the brow. To learn more about the techniques and the world latest make-up styles, you can sign up for our instruction courses. after making the foundation. again do the fixation process. in the brow make-up. first you'd better brush the brows in the direction to which they naturally lie. in the next step, apply the mascara in a suitable colour on the brows. pick a colour for the brows hachure which is two shades lighter than the colour of brows after putting the mascara. after the brow hacure, it comes to the eyelash make-up. preferably use individual flare false lashes for shaping the eyes look. If you wish to make the eyes look rounder, you may use lashes in two different sizes. divide the lid into three parts for arranging the lashes. the inner corner as the part 1. the middle area as the part 2 . and the outer corner as the part 3.

You can put each part into your desired shape using different sizes of false lashes. and the size suitable for eyes shape and the shading. and put the eyeliner in proportion to the eye and the shading model. put a quite mild mascara on the lashes and try to make the false lashes uniform with the natural one. very well dears, this tutorial has come to an end here, thanks for watching us, looking forward to meeting you in Shafiee beauty saloon.

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