How To: Nail Form & Acrylic Designs

In this tutorial, you can see a nail design using nail forms and powders. This tutorial is provided by Viona Beauty Academy. If you are interested in joining our classes, please contact us at 02177431560 or 09356000743.


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Greetings. Today I want to talk to you about working with nail forMs. First, let’s manicure the nail. Then use a scrub to remove the natural shine from the nail. Choose the right size form and position it on the tip of the nail. Next, add anti-fungus and primer. Add your acrylic powder on the form. Add your peach colored powder to the nail, starting from the middle.

After the product is dry, remove the form. Scrub for a final design. Use an electric scrub to clean around the nail. Change your scrub and clean the surface. Then repeat the process using a professional scrub. This will remove any bumps from the nail. Buff the nail a little for a better shine. Use a soft scrub on the nail again. In the last step, add a gel cover and put the nail under LED light for thirty seconds.

This concludes our tutorial on nail forms. In order to take part in our classes on nail designs such as baby boomers, working with forms and professional designs, call the numbers in the description.

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