How To: Waterfall Plait Tutorial

To get the hair prepared for any type of plait, first we should brush it well and divide the hair from above the brows arch. Then split the separated section into three parts and begin braiding.
Add hair sections to the plait from the outside on the left and right to achieve the look of a scalp braid. Keep doing this plait till you reach above the ear and then you can secure it in place or continue braiding according to the client’s taste.
To join the braiding classes provided by Kimia beauty salon, please dial the numbers available.


Greetings to every one of you Rojelab website followers, I'm Anna Bahadori from the Kimia beauty salon. Today I'm gonna show you a waterfall hair braid style. So please keep watching us. after brushing the hair partly or completely, we'll separate the part where we wish to do the braid. the waterfall braid usually circles the head from one ear to another in 3-5 cm far from the hairline. which could go further back behind the ears based on the client's taste. after making the divisions on the head, separate a small triangular section. brush and tidy it. Then split it into two equal parts and do a simple braid with them. the strand which is above the ear is always the upper layer in the braid. after creating the first X, start adding hair to the initial section we separated. in this kind of braid, hair strands are added to the middle section only . and this is just for beginning the braid. cross the first strand over the initial section. If you look closely you will notice we go on braiding like a simple plait.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should take equal size strands to add to the braid. so that it will look more elaborate. also we use one thumb to press onto the X part to hold it tightly. keep going till you reach the centre of the head. after adding a section from the right like we did before. now add a small section of hair to the braid from the left side. This is to make sure the braid sticks firmly to the scalp. so keep doing the same all the way down the head. considering the client's taste, we can pull the sections on the right to be tightly stretched or just leave them to be loose and puffy-looking. and go on doing the braid like this till you reach the ear length. For the last section which would be the one by the ear, grab the whole section. I mean no hair remains alone near the ear. and all is added to the braid. now based on the client's inclination, we can finish the whole braiding right here and secure it in place
or we can go on braiding all the way back one head till the end of the hair. very well pals, I'd like to finish the waterfall braid at this point.

As I already said you can either leave the plaited hair to be next to the ear or take it under the hair in the back and secure it in place there. you can also place it on the brushed flat hair in the back. thank you all for watching us. To sign up for our braiding classes in the Kimia beauty salon, please dial the numbers provided.

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