How To: Eyebrow Micro-Blading

In this tutorial, we show you a micro-blading process using the PhiBrows method. This video was provided by the Moobama beauty salon.


Greetings to all of you watching us at I am Saba Rahimi from Moobama beauty salon. Today I am here with a micro-blading tutorial. Please stay with us.

We use different tools including a divider to check the eyebrows for symmetry and design them if necessary. We design the eyebrows based on the shape of the face, and the changes that are required for the eyebrows. After designing the eyebrows, we can start the micro-blading process. The blade we use for the process is from PhiBrows Company, which helps draw very thin lines.

To perform the process, we should always pull the skin from three directions using all your fingers. Use normal hand pressure when proceeding and avoid too high or too low hand pressures. Remember to turn the blading pen, and not the hand, when you want to curve the hachures. We apply the hachures according to the hair grain and direction when changing the direction of movement and hachures when we reach the middle of the eyebrows.

The hachures you apply should not go beyond the natural frame of the eyebrows because it will make the eyebrows look unnatural and disproportionate with regards to the rest of the eyebrow. We apply the hachures in two passes. In the first pass, the lines are deeper and in the second pass, which is intended to add durability to the work, the pressure is smaller and the lines are superficial. After finishing the first pass, you can apply the anesthetic product intended for the middle of the process and then move on to the second phase.

When starting your work on the second eyebrow, you have to make sure that the turning point in the middle of the second eyebrows is similar to the one in the first eyebrow. Pull the skin. The skin is a little thinner closer to the temple, so you will have to reduce hand pressure. In the last step of the process, we can apply a layer of masking material to the eyebrows, which will help increase the durability of the ink and prevent color changes to red or gray. Let the mask remain on the skin for a few minutes to take effect. Then you can remove the material after a few minutes and it will help remove any gray or red pigments from the ink.

Five to six minutes is enough for the mask to take effect and you can then remove the material. This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it. To see more videos and tutorials, please refer to our Instagram account or contact us directly.

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