Eye Lashline & Shading Combination

In this tutorial, we explain the differences between shading and lashlines using Micro-pigmentation techniques. Both techniques are also applied to a model during the video. This video is provided by Faezeh Jafari Skin & Hair clinic. To receive consultancy or to join our classes, please contact us at 09121962430.


Greetings. I’m Faezeh Jafari, From Faezeh Jafari Skin & Hair clinic. Today we want to talk about two types of eye Micro-pigmentation.

Greetings. I’m Sahar Rahimi, Micro-pigmentation expert from Faezeh Jafari Skin & Hair clinic. Today I want to teach you two eyeliner techniques.

Eyeliners are lines that are added on the eyelids exactly above the eyelashes and it makes the eyes look many times more beautiful. This is especially suitable for people with elliptic eyelids or people who go to work every day and don’t want to spend time on makeup.

Another form of Micro-pigmentation is called lashline. Most people are unaware of what this means and ask how it’s done and where it will be applied. Lashlines are applied to make the eyelashes look full and add volume to them. At times when you don’t want to put on makeup, this will help you look better and your eyelashes will look full and darker.

There is also another technique and it’s called eyeshadow. It’s more suitable for people elliptic eyelids or people with color diffusion behind their eyelids. Using this method we can hide or solve these defects. There are hygienic criteria that you have to pay attention to before performing any of these techniques. The person must wash her face before the operation. There should be absolutely no makeup on their face. You should use a sterile serum to wash the area you want to work on.

There are people with lipoma glands on their eyelids, allergies, or are prone to herpes should avoid this procedure. If they must perform this procedure, make sure to use sterile eye drops. Based on what my client wants, we are going to apply a lashline and an eyeshade.

As you can see I have not designed the lashline on the face. Lashlines are applied inside the eyelashes and the edge will exit from the side of the eyelash line. Lashlines don’t need to be pre-designed. Keep in mind that people who want to go for an eyeliner must design the line prior to the operation. Because during the operation the eyelids will expand and you’ll end up with an asymmetric design. Therefore, designing the lines before the operation is very important.

I'm going to start the procedure now. It’s very important to pull on the skin when applying the lashline. Under no circumstances will we apply the lashline with eyes open. Start applying the lashline starting from the outer edge of the eye towards the inner edge. Hold the eyelid with your thumb and use your index finger to pull on the skin. Perform the process with calm and without stress. This will also calm your client down. The pigmentation artist should not be stressed at all. Add your lines in form of dashes beside each other.

You shouldn’t apply too much pressure. Otherwise, it might cause swelling, bleeding or too much pain. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned with pain during this operation. There is actually no pain during the application of this method. The new Micro-pigmentation tools that are used nowadays, will cause the least pain possible. Since the eye is curved, the angle of the hand will change according to the position you are working on. The hand pressure should stay the same throughout the operation.

As you can see, our model doesn’t feel any pain and is completely calm. We are asked a lot about different types of anesthetics such as drops and ointments. You can use any of these types of anesthetics, and since the skin in this area is thin, it will absorb the anesthetic very fast. This procedure won’t cause you any discomfort or bleeding.

There are things you have to pay attention to after this process. You should avoid taking showers for three days. Avoid any contact with water as far as your eye is concerned. Don’t take steam and don’t go to swimming pools. In addition, it’s good to avoid direct sunlight. Use vitamin A ointment for a week. Don’t rub or scratch your eyelids. Use a cotton swab to apply Vitamin A ointment to the area.

For those with eyelid defects, we can continue the line upward outside the eyelash line. This will usually hide the defect or make it less apparent. For people who have long eyes, we won’t use this method. How you design the lashline depends on the natural form of the client’s eye. For our client here, I’ve drawn the lashline a little outside the eyelash lines. The first phase of our work is almost done.

To apply the shade behind the eyelids, you must change the needle. I’m going to change my cartridge and use a different one which is often used for shading. To apply shading, the color should be lighter than the one you used to apply the lashline. I’ve already prepared the color. This process is done using very little hand pressure. Start at the outer edge of the eyes where you drew the lashline and draw the shades by throwing your hand upward.

I can’t stress this enough, your hand pressure must be very limited. This will make the shades look faded like a shadow.

Our work is now done here. I used a few shading methods on my client which you can learn by joining our classes. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please contact us using the numbers in the description if you need more information.

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