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In this video, Mrs. Askari from Viona Beauty Salon, presents to you a tutorial on the smoky style of highlighting. In this institute, you can learn all the makeup courses and receive a valid license. For consultancy please contact us with these numbers: 02177431560 - 09356000743


Welcome to another part of Viona Beauty Series.

Today we want to talk about the smoky style of highlighting
First, use the concealer as a base for highlight
Use a light fixing powder to dry the concealer, focusing especially on the parts below the eyebrows and the inner part of the eyelids
With regards to my model’s eyes, I use a dark highlight on the outer end of the eyelids
Focusing especially on the one-third of the outer eyelid
Next, we use a lighter shade to fade the border of the darker highlight
Now we use the lighter color to highlight the eyelid completely.

We use a concealer below the eyes and dry it using a light fixing powder
Next, we can use a light shade of highlight on the inner corner of the eye to make the eyes look bigger
You can also use an open-ended liner to make the eyes look bigger.

We use the same toners from dark to light below eyelashes, the same way we did on the eyelids
Again, we use the darker shades on the outer corner of the eyes below the eyelashes to make our makeup look even better
Now we draw the liners on the eyelids above the eyelashes and try to fade the endings
Our work is done here.

If you would like to join us in our face balancing professional makeup classes and receiving your license, please use our phone numbers to contact us.

Thank you.

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