How To: Gorgeous Smoky Make-Up

The first step is apply a good foundation on the upper lids so that they are well prepared to receive shadow. You can use concealer to create this foundation. Then start applying the shadow from bottom of the lids near the lash lines. After that, use a brush to fade it well.
You can try adding some glitter to the lids to achieve a more attractive effect. After completing the eyes, move on to apply cream powder to the face as the foundation. Next, perform the contouring techniques.


Hello everyone, I'm a beautician from Soorati beauty salon, Today I'm here to show you a smoky make-up item. first I'll create a foundation for the eyeshadow either with concealer or cream powder. and then smear it over the back of lid. after covering the lids thoroughly with primer, use a blender pad to fade it well. so now the lids are quite prepared to apply the smoky shadow to. start applying the shadow from the bottom of lid close to the lash line. try not to go too far on the lid. For the cream powder foundation, we can use either moisturizers or hydrating primers. don't forget to use hydrating material for underneath the eyes too. skin massaging is essential during the foundation step. after completing the foundation, we choose a kind of cream powder which best fits the client's skin type. Then start fading it using the blender pad. after applying the cream powder, it comes to putting the concealer.

It can be either a light-dark concealer or dark contour. here comes the brows make-up. We can try the trendiest eyebrowdesign method which is hachuring with natural looking hair-like strokes. after eyebrow hachuring, it's time for shadowing underneath the eyes. pick a colour for shadowing underneath the eyes which is a good match to the upper lid's shadow. before applying the lipstick, make a simple foundation on the lips. Then pick a colour which best suits this make-up tone. by the way, if you want it to look more natural, try not to spread the colour to the skin around the lips. and in the last step, we can add some highlight to the cheeks or the tip of nose. however, the intensity of its colour will again depend on the tone of our make-up. well, we're done with today's item, I just wanted to come up with a rather heavy make-up style. To learn more about all the beauty treatments we offer in Soorati beauty salon, you can dial the numbers provided and make your appointment.

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