Eyebrow Microblading Step-by-Step

In this video, we are going to perform a delicate and natural eyebrow pigmentation through microblading. This video is brought to you by Sahar Beauty Institute. If you have enjoyed this video and would like to join us in our classes, please don’t hesitate to call at 09120341241 or 09122253122


Hello, I’m Sahar Hedayati from Rojelab.net and today I’m going to show you how to perform eyebrowmicroblading.

As you all know, in order for the customer to be more comfortable during the microblading process, and also, so we can work with a better handle on things, we use local anesthesia and it plays an important role. Generally, there are two types of local anesthesia. There’s the local anesthesia you perform before the microblading process and there’s the local anesthesia you have to perform during the microblading process. The pre-process anesthesia is usually applied as an ointment to the surface of the tissue, and the local anesthesia which is performed during the process and after scratching the tissue is usually applied in the form of liquid drops. It’s good practice to leave the ointment on the tissue for 30 to 40 minutes and use a plastic cover to avoid contact with air for better effect. After we are sure that the anesthesia has taken full effect we can begin the microblading process. It’s better to manage your timing in a way that multiple local anesthesias aren't required because anesthetics contain lidocaine and can decrease the pigmentation effect and even wipe it off. Join me in the following video while we perform an eyebrowmicroblading.

What you are about to see here is a microblading process. Here, based on the color of the model’s skin and the natural color of the eyebrow, I’ve decided to use a warm light brown color for the pigmentation. The pigmentation pen I’m using for my model here, with regards to the width and type of hachure I’m going to apply, is a cartridge 5-slope. It’s important to note that the needle should be out so much so that you don’t lose your gripe while doing the pigmentation and preserver your delicacy. Also, make sure to draw the needle in a 90-degree angle.

Some of our viewers ask why the pigmentation has very little effect or why the pigmentation disappears after a few days. One of the main reasons for this is how deep the needle is penetrating the tissue. If enough of the needle is pointing out of the cartridge and you are drawing the lines at a reasonable speed, you can be sure that the pigmentation will have a lasting effect.

Our microblading is now done. I hope you have found this video useful. Goodbye.

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