Microneedling And Face Rejuvenation

In this tutorial, we are having the complete course of Collagen induction therapy (a.k.a. microneedling) and face skin rejuvenation instructed by Ms. Jafari. If you like to have healthy, young skin, but do not know about this therapy, read the instructions below.


Hello everyone!
I am Faeze Jafari, manager of skin and hair institute
She is one of my colleagues
our institute works in the fields of beauty and treatment
I am in charge of the management of micro-pigmentation and beauty
our medical team are present in the treatment section.

Today, Dr. Jafari is going to work on Micro-needling
Hi everyone, this is Dr. Katrin Jafari, today, I am going to work on Micro-needling process
Micro-needling is a method of rejuvenating.

For damaged skins
in fact, it is a mechanical stimulation on the damaged skin and tissues
in the process of micro-needling.

We inject the needles in derm and epiderm layers
in fact, we create small canals and holes and the wound of these holes would result in stimulation of collagen production and elastin and also, freedom of fibroblasts
which will lead to stimulation of collagen production and collagen cell growth.

Today, we work with 6 needles in one cartridge.

We inject these 6 needles and a dew of blood is created on the skin
the reason of this dew of blood is that we make holes in dermic layer of the skin.

We do not damage this layer, we only make holes
so that we can stimulate collagen production.

We apply the medicines to our patient`s skin
because of the holes we made
the medicines are multi-vitamins
some of them have the hyaluronic acid base.

We apply them on the skin of our patient
initially, I should explain the types of micro-needling
there are two types, Superficial and deep
superficial micro-needling
is used for initial rejuvenating and the depth of the needles is 0.5 millimeter and it influences on the derm layer
deep micro-needling ranges from 0.5 to 3 millimeters and the needles touch the beneath layers
it is useful for the treatment of scars and also rejuvenating
Deep acne scars which are appeared as the holes or cavity on the patient`s skin
initially, you should apply Anesthetic creams
because micro-needling is a painful process and you should wear sterile gloves during the process
because the pores are open
there are disposable cartridges that you can use for your patient
first I start with forehead
the forehead skin is very near to skull bone
preferably, we use 0.5 millimeter depth
as I said
you see a dew of blood on the skin
as you know, we worked on less depth for forehead
but for the other parts of the face, we should move deeper
so that we can have a good impact
so we adjust the depth
initially, we can start with 1 millimeter
before we start the job.

We should ask about any illness that the patient might have and we should know the cases that we should not do micro-needling technique
so we should ask them if they have any special illness
or any allergies to some drugs relating to micro-needling.

For example, diabetes, Epilepsy and hemophilia.

These patients cannot do micro-needling at all
micro-needling works on open pores
it closes the pores
removes deep acne scars
actually, the needles that enter
will influence the sticky tissues.

If you want to work superficially
you can use superficial type of micro-needling
with 1 millimeter depth.

This strengthens the skin and thickness of your epidermic layer
prohibited usage of this technique
which is temporary
the things I explained about the illnesses were permanent prohibition of doing micro-needling
temporary prohibition includes catching cold, or Herpes and finally, you should ask the patient if they use any drugs or alchohol
or any antibiotics
ask your patient what is their desire to do micro-needling? why they want to do it?
give a complete explanation to your patient so that everything is clear for them.

We wash it with normal saline
the ones who had Cosmetic Surgery
they cannot do micro-needling for one year
in addition, the people who use lasers cannot do micro-needling either.

If they want to do micro-needling one week should be past from their laser treatment
the side effects of micro-needling can include
inflammation and redness of the skin
that after treatment, about 72 hours
the skin turns back to its normal state
of course, aftercare treatments are very important to be done
people who suffer colloid production in their skin
it may be stimulated by micro-needling and more colloid be created
or people who have the experience of herpes
they may suffer more herpes
they should take care of preventive actions in this regard
they can take Anti-herpes medicine
as I said
treatment duration for the patient is 4 sessions
each month one session
the patient can consult here
in some cases if they want to continue their treatment
there is no problem if their skin still needs
otherwise, we see no need
the side-effects are only redness and inflammation
may be hematoma or Bruise happens
a little pain is normal
but after 72 hours they will be gone
there is a point I need to tell you
certainly after this technique
sunscreen should be applied
so that side-effects like, hyper pigmentation would not be happened
of course, the probability of this is weak
but the patient should certainly apply sunscreen
with high SPF more than 30.

If you see any deeper cavity in the skin
you can focus more
in order to remove the sticky parts of the tissue.

We wash the patient`s face
with normal saline
I apply it on her skin.

This liquid has a great absortion
so we cover all the pores and cavities with this liquid.

We let the liquid to stay on her face for 5 minutes
in order to be absorbed completely
finally, we clean the skin and apply zinc oxide
because it is a very powerful protection.

We clean the skin and finally we apply zinc oxide
or a strong SPF suncreen
to cover the skin completely.

We are done with this item
I hope you have enjoyed it
you can consult us with the numbers below.

We would be glad to help you.

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