Micro-blading Vs. Micro-pigmentation Explained

In this video, you can see the Eyebrow Hachure by Ms. Darya Hosseini, the professional Micro-Pigmentation artiste and the official member of PhiBrows Academy.


Hello, my name is Darya Hosseini
pigmented artist and the member of PhiBrows academy and PMU and technical and vocational teacher.

Today we have a video about Microblading and eyebrows tattoo
the eyebrows designs are relative to the Pi number and the shape of the face and the backbone and the bone under eyebrows.

We do this method with two rulers and cornea applications and the cornea of eyebrows checked with the applications.

We do Microblading with the PhiBrows style.

This method is done on the surface layer of the skin or the epidermis
that not damage your skin
because in old techniques this was done under the skin
where the blood vessels, eyebrow's hair, and nerves of the skin are located and this method is not associated with the underlayer of the skin and we work with the epidermis
the colors that we used are organic and we don't use chemical materials such as aluminum and iron.

These colors don't change to orange, red or purple tonnage and over a time the color remove from the skin and you don't need to clean it
Microblading is useful for those people who want natural eyebrows
or they want to remove their tattoo after a time.

This method depends on frangibility the eyebrows hair
at the end, you must notice to shape of the face and the frangibility of your eyebrows hair.

If someone feels the pain you can use some special anesthesia that doesn't remove colors.

This technique is done with Microblade device and sometimes you can combine Microblade and Micropigmentation together
It doesn't need any essential treatment and you can lubricate your eyebrows for one or 2 days.

Dear friends if you like to attend my classes call us and register to our classes
have a good day, goodbye.

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