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Ms Baharak Azaripour is a beautician in Gol-e-sorkh institute with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the field of instruction and sevices.
In the video below, we made an interview with her and talked about her instruction courses.

To join her professional chignon make-up classes, please dial the numbers available.


Hello everyone, today we are at Gol-e-sorkh beauty saloon to have a chat with Baharak Azaripour, the chignon stylist. who has worked here for 9 years. she began at the age of 16 and has been professionally teaching chignon for 4 years. Good day Bahare, we are so glad to see you here. Thanks a bunch to you nice guys for giving your time to me. so Bahare, as the first ward, I wanna know what made you enter this career and who encouraged you the most for that?
well, at that time when I began this career, make-up wasn't so widespread in the society. specially the bridal make-up, chignon and etc. and I was also studying at the same time. and I never quit studying to work on hairdressing. However, my mother was a vocational instructor. and would teach hairdressing. so that was one of the reasons I got interested in it. I would attend her classes in her institute.

So naturally she was the biggest motivation to me to start my job. I already know that you have taken all your training courses abroad. would you tell us what courses and in what countries they were?
I must first say that you have to hold a permission to be able to teach. I have both chignon certificate and instructing certificate. but I so much investigated for my courses abroad. I searched for so many renowned world famous instructors. but I refer to the one who is considered the number one in the world. who instructed all the world class famous stylists. I go to master George for all my courses. His instruction method consists of 4 or 5 stages. I mean for every course he focuses on one specific subject to teach learners.

And the learners are only allowed to apply for the next period after six months from the previous one. they are taught all the techniques such as brushing, teasing, how to beak the hair waves. and European chignon, wavy chignon, stripe chignon and all other. they are given the academy diploma after the completion of fifth course. and his personal courses lasts almost 15 days. with 15-20 learners in the class. the rest of other courses includes global workshops that I don't prefer to attend. I'd rather attend his personal courses because it's more efficient. and with the help of a translator, you are able to learn everything well. and he is a caring instructor who provides hands-on training for the learners. that's how I learned the skill and take the same approach to teach others. why do you always try to attend these courses every 6-7 months to keep updated?. look, whenever it comes to the bridal make-up or teaching courses, . you will need to come up with new ideas. there are some brides who come in every week for a make-up. or others in the same career who refer to me to learn new techniques from either inside or outside the country. so when I see people coming to me every 2-3 months. I have to offer them something new and present updated trendy ideas. so they won't get disappointed and won't think of changing their instructor. To keep myself up-to-date in the terms of both behavior and profession and of course the explanation skill. I definitely attend the courses every six months. could you please explain a bit for us about your training courses and workshop whereabouts?. We have a comprehensive planning and schedule for our courses. Firstly, our courses are held both in personal and group classes as well as semi-group. In some religious occasions like Muharrem and Ramadan months when most instructors have adequate free time to come to us for the courses. We hold group and semi-group classes in those months. in group classes they are instructed with the same content and method as in the personal ones for a much more reasonable fee. cause there are more learners in the class so they have much more to offer. the personal courses are held for individual learners. so naturally it comes with a higher fee. For those coming from other cities and countries, we can provide either hotels or reasonable lodgings for their accommodation. but we don't own any place, we just recommend them to the visitors. our workshops are held in 2 days. which the stylists attend to update themselves. they will learn 3-4 new styles. which the models are determined according to a poll by the learners.

And we agree on the fees before they register. They are given a professional chignon certificate. We can also recommend them to the vocational organization for their official certificate. so there won't be any problem in this case neither. For the beginners, our courses consists of fundamental techniques including hair brushing, teasing and volumizing. the semi-group courses are held in 7 days in a row which makes a week. and the personal courses are held in 10-12 days. Baharak, one thing I found very interesting is that you began working when you were only 16. what has kept you going despite all the hardships that now you're at this level to be a high-ranked instructor? . anyone who pursues a certain goal and is determined to decide their own future. naturally they have to give up so many things for their goal. there is a severe competition in this career, you can either keep up to struggle for your goals to achieve them. or you can give up on them and step down. but to my opinion, a healthy competition in the business can be the best stimulant. I try to have a healthy competition along with my business and have appropriate behavior and treatment towards the learners and clients. Thank you very much for spending time with us. do have anything else to say as a last word? . I'd like to thank my mother, the Gol-e-sorkh institute director. Ms Abbasi. who has always had my back in my life. during these 9 years that I have worked here. I learned my branding in this saloon. and . I adore her very much. thank you. your welcome. very well, we're done with our talk here. I do hope it's been useful for you. see you later in the next video.

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