Benefits Of Microdermabrasion in Skincare

In this video, you will get familiar with the technique of micro-derm in order to brighten your skin and remove the spots and wrinkles on your face.
This item contains useful information regarding the steps that should be done beforehand and the steps which should be taken into consideration afterward.
There are two types of micro-derm techniques: powder, and diamond.
The steps that are explained in this item is for diamond micro-derm technique which can be done in every season with no harm.
Firstly, mask treatment is essential to make your skin ready for micro-derm technique.
Then, the correct use of directions in moving props is explained.
After that, the actions which should be taken after this technique are clarified and done for you to see it.
After all, we hope this item would be useful for you.


Hello, everyone! This is Kaboli, Expert of skin and hairbeauty care.

Today, we are going to discuss micro-derm
which is the following discussion of masks treatments
some of you ask why we do not do micro-derm then mask treatment and micro needling
the point that we should notice is that
the client who consult us in beauty salons or beauty centers
may suffer skin dryness
or they may have greasy skin
once we stimulate these cases by micro-derm.

We will hurt their skin more and in most cases, they would suffer deep lasting spots on their face
so for avoiding these problems and lowering the risk of our job
it is better, first to do mask treatment
in order to make the surface of the skin ready
after that, once the skin recovered 30 % and the superficial problems were solved.

Then we can start doing micro-derm.

We have two types of micro-derm techniques
powder micro-derm and dimond micro-derm
powder micro-derm has medical applications and doctor presence is essential and it is not permitted to be done in beauty salons
but diamond micro-derm which is in the market
has the permit to be done in beauty salons
it means you can get the permit for your beauty salons to do diamond micro-derm technique
it is a permit that the Ministry of Health will issue for beauty salons
because it has mild side-effects and the skin won`t be hurt much
regarding micro-derm, we know that there are different props.

These props are 4 types
pink props for greasy skin, blue props for normal skin, white props for dry skin and brown props for very greasy skin can be used.

We use these props for stimulating the beneath layers of epiderm
the pressure we use for micro-derm is very important.

If you put the suction pressure more than 2000 degrees
most of the time find Bruise on the skin.

We try to adjust the suction degree on 1500-2000 degrees for face.

For other parts of the body
it is allowed to adjust the suction degree between 2500-4000.

Today, we have a dear client to do micro-derm on her face
so I use the suction degree of 1500-2000
the tracking techniques in micro-derm are very important
some of the clients have an unpleasant experience in micro-derm
they felt Sagging skin.

This feeling of saggy skin may stay with them for 3-7 days
which results in dissatisfaction of the client.

This is the result of props movements during the procedure.

If you move the props from bottom to top against gravity.

Then you won`t have any experience with saggy skin
different parts of the face have different types of movements.

These props are the diamond props
that are connected to the device
suction hoses should be changed after two or three periods of micro-derm.

These diamond props should be clean for each client
with the use of Deconex and autoclave cleaners
the time of cleaning can be 2 to 24 hours
cleaning duration depends on your client's skin reactions.

For example, if your client has acne or you see blood during the procedure
definitely, put the props in deconex for 24 hours and then in autoclave device
in normal cases, 2-12 hours in Deconex and then in autoclave device would be enough
the right tracking procedure with suction
as you see you can touch the prop suction to feel the airflow and suction
the end of this suction hose
has filters which absorb the dead skin and these filters also should be changed in each 6 months
keep and drag the skin a little
move your hand from bottom to top
in each step of going and reversing movement
from bottom to top
3 to 4 times should be done not more.

We are not allowed to do it more than 4 times on the same spot
at this point, all the rashes beneath the skin are stimulated and come to the surface of the skin
once you do micro-derm, you can see all acne come out of the skin
some of you dear clients said that you have very thick black-head spots on your skin which are deep and strong
you said that you have done micro-derm technique and first they stimulated your skin by a humidifier and take out the black-head spots from your skin by hand or a small instrument
such a thing happens for the ones whose pores are closed and covered with oil layers of the skin.

If you stimulated these pores and take out the spots, after some time you see some holes on your face instead of black-head spots
so it is better to stimulate the spots by Microderm technique.

Then, remove the holes by Mesotherapy or micro-needling
the parts beside the eyes
as you see move the prop from bottom to top
the angle of your hand should be the way that you do not impose much pressure and suction on the skin.

For this part, the chin, as you see, you move your hand upward and each spot should be covered 3 to 4 times
inflammation, redness and irritation are all normal
because we are stimulating the layers beneath the epidermis
so if your client said that she has a feeling of pain or irritation, it is normal
the pressure and suction lead to this pain and irritation.

We do not do micro-derm on under eye spot at all
because the skin layer of this part is very thin and it is probable that the client would experience heavy dryness or red spots in this area
wherever you feel that the dark spots are more on the skin
you focus more on that area
in a way that you reduce the speed of your hand
increase the pressure a little bit more, upward movement
the smile line also should be an upward movement
micro-derm devices have got lifting props as well
when do we use lifting props?
when your client says that she does not want micro-needling to be done and wants to stop only at this point
it means that she only wants mask treatments and micro-derm
so, at that point, you can use lifting props on smile line, frown lines and also on the neck
well, I have done micro-derm on this side of the face completely
you can see a little inflammation and redness
but if you make a difference with the other side
you can compare and see the dark spots are cleared on the area which we did micro-derm
after this step, you may have some clients who decide not to have mesotherapy or rejuvenating and they say we do not like to feel any needling
what we should do for them?.

We should tell them to take care of their skin as we say
as a self-treatment.

We cannot tell them to buy the creams
because those creams are good for the ones who had vial vitamins injection on their skin and applying the creams makes the vials activated in the skin
but for those who prefer to have micro-derm after mask treatment.

We have two suggestions:
one is the things which can be done for the client by a technician at the end of the session
two is the client`s responsibility to take care of their skin by the masks we give them with the instructions
there are a lot of people who are working in a beauty industry
such as makeup artists, bride makeup professionals, and specialized makeup.

This step is really helpful for them
they can take advantage of mask treatments before wearing makeup
because it will have positive effects on the skin, the skin will be soft, strong, it removes spots and wrinkles
but in this step, we have two products
which are great for the foundation of the makeup
they are useful for the ones who do not wear makeup and also for the ones who wear makeup
there are some masks which you can use after micro-derm
inflammation and redness are normal and they will last for a couple of hours.

We have some masks which you can see here
they are in the bottles and you see some pink strands.

These are collagen strands
with materials that heal the inflammation and repair the skin very fast.

These masks have very strong treatments
there are 5 masks that are included in one package
the technician can use one of them immediately after the micro-derm is done and we can give the four remaining masks to the client
she should use each mask every month after micro-derm
why are these masks useful?
in fact, these masks do the same thing that we want to do with mesotherapy
but the difference is that you can get the result you want sooner than applying masks
both results are long-lasting with no return
there is a liquid in the bottle with the mask pad
keep the liquid and draw out the pad with forceps
keep the liquid, the client can use it up to one month each week
there are some granules in the bottle, the client can use them and massage them on her skin until it completely can be absorbed into the skin
actually, all the materials in this bottle is a strong anti-wrinkles and anti-inflammation
unroll the mask completely
without touching the granules on it
it does not matter how many granules are on the mask pad, it does what it does
unroll the mask pad completely.

This pad should be kept and massaged on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and it should be massaged continuously
so that all the materials on the mask could be absorbed completely
even you can use this mask after mesotherapy.

If you see that your client has a high degree of inflammation
or you see some blood on the surface of your clients` skin
you can use this mask immediately to heal the skin fast
but if there was blood on the skin use sterile gloves in order to avoid infection.

Then you massage it with the gloves
keep it on the skin for 20 minutes.

This mask completes the job of anti-wrinkles and helps to brighten the dark spots
there are some serumes.

These serums also complete the job of anti-wrinkles, anti-sports and they hydrate the skin fully
during the week, you should use it 3 to 4 times daily
another application of using these serums is that
they are very useful for makeup artists
before wearing makeup, you need foundation
you can apply it to the skin before the foundation in order to have a better result
what you use for covering and foundation is temporary
I mean it has only a cosmetic purpose
but it has a medical purpose to cure
once you apply it on the skin, rapidly, it hydrates the skin
besides, it widens (opens) the wrinkles and hides the spots
during the time, it cures the skin and also the makeup would be long lasting on your face and the makeup will be more beautiful
some clients may be allergic to some foundation creams
but these do not create any allergies
after micro-derm is done and the mask becomes dry
the first time, we apply the serum on her skin.

Then, we give the serum to the client and and we ask her to apply the serum 3 or 4 times on a daily basis
before wearing makeup or sunscreen.

This serum is not only for the face
you can also apply it on the neck and back of the hands
during the time, it heals and rejuvenates the skin
once this gel becomes dry on the skin.

If your client has no time limitation and she can stay for half an hour or 45 minutes
you can apply this liquid to the mask again and you can start massaging again.

If your client cannot stay and she has to go
you do not have the time, you can give it to her and ask her to apply it at home once a week
I take off the mask
the pink granules that were on the mask still exist on the skin.

We massage them on the skin so that they are absorbed into the skin.

If you compare her face before and after micro-derm and masks.

We would see that the skin becomes stronger and fresher
even without doing meso-therapy
there is no problem
completely, on any part of the face
you can do it
once you are done
apply the fast lifting serum and hydrate the skin
apply a small amount
because it covers the face very well.

This serum contains activating enzymes which have great effects on the skin
it is also economical
in fact, you can use 10 cc of this serum for 2 months
even if you apply it on your skin for 3 times a day
it means you can apply this serum for a long time and get a great result
focus on the smile line
on the chin
back of the lips and forehead
after you massage and absorb the serum on the skin
with mild tapping
of the tip of your fingers
try to help the serum to be absorbed into the skin.

If my client chooses the second step I mean mesotherapy
after 10 to 15 minutes of absorbing the materials
I apply for numbing medicine on the skin
to start meso-therapy.

If she does not choose meso-therapy.

We stop at this stage and give her the serums, washing gels
also, we give her the mask packages
with daily instructions
until the next session of her treatment which is two weeks later
again we do mask treatment and micro-derm
there is a question that is widely asked, what can you do micro-derm in warm seasons when the light intensity is high?
the answer is for powder micro-derm, it should be done only in cold seasons when the light intensity is low.

But in diamond micro-derm, it can be done in every season, because the surface of the skin is not deeply stimulated
besides, we wear essential masks and apply serums to reduce the side-effects greatly
you can use this technique on any part of the body which
is wrinkled or spotty.

For example, the back of the hands, neck, feet
you can apply the masks on the elbows, ankles, knees,
If your skin is sensitive and creates spots and acne
the problem would come from liver or hormones changes and after a time the scar of the acne create spots
especially on the back of the waist
you can apply the green powder line for recovering this area and removing the spots
thank you all for your attention!

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