How To: Lips Hachuring Step By Step

In the present tutorial, you’ll see an instruction of lip pigmentation by Ms. Faeze Jafari. This technique is highly efficient in covering lip issues such as discolouration, cleft lips, deformities and other congenital problems.
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Greetings to you art lovers, I'm Faezeh Jafafri from Jafari beauty salon. Today we're gonna teach you the lips hachure technique. I must say that. We usually see some people with so many problems on the lips caused by accidents or hereditary issues. or the lips drooping while speaking or lips discolouration due to using leaded lipsticks. mild cleft lip and other problems alike. many of these defects can be covered with the micro-pigmentation art. without the need of surgery or gel injection and similar treatments. the sanitary procedures for this area includes: . those prone to cold sores i.e its virus exists in their body. and might be activated by the needle touching the lips and result in cold sore. so these people should start taking anti cold sore pills every four hours one day before the treatment. but if they're not prone to this cold sores, they shouldn't take these pills cause it makes the virus active in the body.

For the post-treatment care, you can apply the vitamin A ointment. and the needle shouldn't go too deep into the lip or it will damage the thin fat tissue inside the lips. generally the lip's skin is made of delicate tissues, therefore you shouldn't put too much pressure on it, you can do it with repeated motions instead. and it might need to have 2 to 3 touch-up sessions. many people come in to lighten up their lips and make them less dark. so we as experts in pigmentation must have a good knowledge of colour ranges and what colours to mix together that helps reduce the lip darkness. the colour orange is capable of doing this task when mixed with other colours. and the amount of colour needed will depend on how dark the client's skin and lips are. If you like to use pre-made colours on the market, make sure it's got the Health certificate. so that it won't cause infections on the treatment area. and its sanitation is approved.

We can formulate the closest colour to the client's skin through combination of colours. and try to make it as close as possible to the colour of the lips when it fades slightly away. and always make the colour mixture 2 to 3 shades darker than what the client asks for. because naturally after the treatment, the pigment loses its intensity by up to 50% . and we can correct it in the touch-up sessions. what we're about to do for this client is called lip plumping and hachuring. try not to use so much dark colours for the first pass so that you are able to find out how reactive the skin is to the pigment. and adjust your hand pressure on the lips based on how much pigment is absorbed into the lips in every motion. as you see the treatment is painless if it's carried out according to the rules. you know the lips are actually a convex area on the face i.e it's not level with the surrounding area.

Therefore the angle of the needle should be adjusted in a way that it makes a 90 degree angle at each point. so at some points the device has to be held at a 45 degree position and at a 35 degree position at some others. it will also depend on the needle you're working with. so it's not possible to compare the degree position of a slope needle with that of a round needle. I mean in most cases they are held at the reverse positions. stretching the lips has a big impact on the amount of pigment absorbed, like in other parts of the face. try to stretch the skin as much as you can so that it will reduce the pain the client feels. the more you stretch the skin, the less pain would the client feel either in the eyes, brows, lips. This stretching can be very helpful to reducing the pain. because it makes the layer receiving the pigment come closer to the skin's surface, therefore it better absorbs the colour. your skill in holding the device properly may be more helpful to pain reduction than the type of anaesthetic used.

It's also important that you adjust your hand to put a medium pressure steadily and how fast you're moving the needle across the lips can also be effective in the pain felt. as well as the angle at which the needle is held. usually less pain is felt in the lower lip than in the upper one. If we grade the lips areas according to the pain felt. the bow part becomes highly painful, however you could relatively lessen the pain by holding the device properly. the second most painful areas would be the both corners . and third most painful area is right here. and finally the fourth most painful area would be the entire lower lip. to begin working on the upper lip, we may start from the least painful area which would be the borders. start from the middle and continue downwards. do the same on the other side. and at the last step, go over the bow part. you can move the needle vertically on the furrows and spirally on the other parts. very well pals, we're done with this hachure item here. I hope you've enjoyed watching it. see you later with the next tutorials.

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