How To: A Fabulous Chignon Style

This tutorial comes up with a new popular chignon style. While it might look a bit complicated to do at the first glance, you will realize how easy it is after watching how it’s done. First the hair is divided into four sections, using the one in the back as a prosthesis, a flat layer from the front is placed over the prosthesis with different narrow sections added from the both sides.
Below, you can watch a full instruction of this new style.


Hello and welcomeToday you're about to see a new chignon style technique. This style is suitable for a bridal make-up. First, the front part is piled up on the top and held using a clip. the hair on the back, too, is tied in place with a clip. take two bobby pins and an elastic and put them together just like this. remove the clip in the back and comb the section well to become straight. apply some hairspray. gather the section in one place and take the tool you had made to tie it to form a ponytail. apply some hairspray to the ponytail and backcomb it properly. reapply some spray to the teased hair and start wrapping it around at tied point to create a bun in the back. apply some spray to the bun and secure it in place with pins. after that go over the sides and pin them away with clips. loosen the pile on the top and use the comb end to separate a layer on the front and tease it. put some spray and flip the layer over to the face.

Grab one more layer on the top and do the very same as you did to the previous layer. now go for the third layer and tease. flip back all the three layers together and brush well. bring the section gently over the bun in the back and apply some spray. gather the section ends together and use pins to hold it under the bun in the back. apply some spray to the section to help make it fixed in place. now go to loosen the section we had clipped away in the left side and separate a narrow section and brush it well. bring it over the section in the back, cross the ends under the layer and just pin it to the prosthesis. now go over the right section, grab a narrow strand and just do the same as the one on the left to create an X on the layer in the back.

If you still see ends showing, you can just tuck it under the chignon. apply some fixator to the X. take two more sections from the sides and repeat the same steps to form an X below the other one. separate the third narrow section from the left side and bring it over. now on the right side, grab the whole remaining hair and bring it over. take the small section in the bottom and form a curved shape by attaching the end to the part above. grab a section from the remaining hair on the left side and curve it next to the previous one. now try to create a flower shaped figure with the tails of the curved ends. Then pull and loosen the strands a bit to give it more attraction. use pins to secure the flower in place. hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. thanks a bunch for watching.

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