Microneedling Training

Microneedling is a method for Skin rejuvenation. Dermapen device is used in this method which helps making channels on your skin surface to provides superficial exfoliation. Microneedling can reduce open pores and striae and relief superficial wrinkles.


Hello and welcome. I am Dr. Rezaee the head of management of Behsima skin care institute.

Today we have a video about skin rejuvenation. One of the rejuvenation methods is Microneedling.

We can use a range of devices for it.

One of the popular devices "Dermapen device".

With this device, we can create many channels on the skin surface (epidermis), that induce exfoliation and stimulate the collagenization in the middle layer.

This operation will help to heal the wrinkles, open pores and acne and burning,
We can also heal and reduce striae, the skin common condition.

The Dermapen device must have standard needles which prevent from skin lesions.

People who want to do Microneedling must beforehand checkup for any diseases and medical prescription and be consulted.

Maybe some of you have medicine limitation and they can't do Microneedling.

First, clean your skin with cleansers, disinfect your skin and use anesthesia because we work with needle and this operation may be painful.

We have already done these for our client, now you can see all the steps in the video.

If you notice, I inject a few drops on the surface of the skin. This liquid helps skin rejuvenation. This material is anti-wrinkle, a good source of salts, minerals, and vitamins for the skin.

We can inject these minerals simultaneously with Microneedling on the skin surface. This method named external use that contains Microneedling and complements each other.

Your hand pressure must be normal and you must control the needle influx.

According to the treatment, if needed, you can change the needle influx and repeat.

If skin spots are shallow and we want to work on the face,
We work with mild degrees. and if you work on deep spots, you must press the neede more than before.

Repeating this operating can cause rubefaction, inflation and point bleeding.

Your hand's movement must be slow. don't move cartridge a lot to channelize all parts of the skin.

This treatment method is hard to some degrees and needs some practice for becoming skillful.

Usually, only doctors will do this and it is a good idea to be done at least under the supervision of a doctor.

The duration of the treatment is between 4 to 6 weeks and you need 4 to 6 sessions for a complete treatment.

Make sure to tell your clients to take the care after the treatment
because if you don't take care of your skin, the result may change and produce skin complications.

You must explain to your client to avoid direct solar light, use special cream and mind their hygiene for an effective result.

In this method, we exfoliate the epiderm and you have flaking after conglutination. Needle influx can stimulate skin collagens and reduce spots and make your skin tough.

Finally, apply protector zinc cream on your skin and we suggest to not wash your face for 48 hours.

Also, avoid sunlight.

Apply protector and sunscreen creams whenever possible and after a few days, applying other creams which are used for nigrescence, acne
or anti-wrinkle and Skin lightening will help this method and your skin care.

I invite you to attend our skin care classes in Behsima institute. Our classes have different levels:
Introducing cosmetics products and creams, skin cleansing and rejuvenation, working with skin care devices, beauty equipment, fitness, and laser.

We teach you these methods and give you a valid certificate.

Thank you.

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