Easy Bridal Chignon

In this tutorial, you’ll learn an easy chignon you can use for your client or as a bridal hair makeup.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour.

I’m a hair and formula expert and instructor. Today I’m here with a chignon tutorial.

This chignon can be used for a client or as a bridal hairmakeup. It’s a simplechignon done on the back of the hair. I’ve separated a part of the hair and used a hairband to wrap the back of the hair. I’ve also separated the front part of the hair. Let’s tease the part on the top above the bangs. You can use texturizing and volume powders or even styling sprays between the fluffy parts. Brush the top.

Take one part, separate it into three batches of hair, and then braid them. Pull on the layers slightly to loosen them. Loosen the knots on the braid and then use a hair band to hold it. Let’s put the braid away for now and work on the back. Separate a layer and tease it thoroughly. Brush the top. You can even use a shine spray to soften it a bit and give it a shine. You can use a hairpin to hold the hair. Wrap it around like this. Brush the rest of the hair, wrap it around and use a hairpin to hold it in place. Separate another batch. Use shine spray. Straighten it and wrap it around the previous layer. Use a hairpin and hold it in place. Also, use a hairpin to hold the free part of the hair to the wrap. At last, use some styling spray.

For the last layer, I’m going to wrap it in the opposite direction of the previous layer. Around the previous layer. We can use either a hairpin or just a pin. Loosen the braid, wrap it around the same layer, and use a hairpin to hold it in place. Separate another part of the hair. Use your fingers to widen it a bit. You can go behind the wrap in the back, or just go above it and then hide it by wrapping it around your chignon. Separate a batch on the side and use a shine spray. I can just go above the previous layer and use a hairpin.

We can take the rest of the hair, put in inside the previous layer, and use a hairpin to hold it. Now separate another part put it on the top of the chignon and use your styling spray. Brush the next layer and use a hair shine spray. You can go above the chignon or below it. It depends on your preference and where you have more space. Nevertheless, here I’m going to go above the chignon and wrap it around this same layer.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it. You can join our private and beginner classes by calling the numbers in the description. Goodbye.

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