How To Apply Individual False Eyelashes

In this video, we will show you how to apply individual flare lashes.
These lashes come in 3 different sizes: short, medium and long. You can find these lashes with or without a tie.
Also, in some types of these lashes more plastic is used which makes them heavier and gives them an artificial look.
For bigger eyes use more lashes in the outer corner.
It is better to use short size for older women and small eyes. The popular size is medium.


Hello everybody.

My name is Leili Kakh and I'm gonna talk about individual flare lashes.

Today we want to work with eyelashes without a tie
that is very light and the client feels comfortable.

We put the first lash a little further than your lash line.

Then put the second one in front of the first eyelash and separate the eyelashes hair.

There are different types and sizes of individual flare lashes.

That they are with a tie or not.

There are some lashes that have some more plastic percentage
which they are heavier on the eye and they look artificial.

How often tell your client to open her eyes and check her lashes.

We have 3 sizes of eyelashes: short, medium and high
that you can buy and use by your eye form and shape.

Short false lashes used for small eyes, or older women use these lashes to feel comfortable and don't cover the eye too much.

Medium size is more popular than other sizes and long size is used for the outer corner because it makes eye big and form.

Pay attention that doesn't put lashes until the end of the eye because looks your eyelid droopy.

This method is only for eyes which they are upturned or sharp eyes.

You can put more lashes for the outer corner to form the eye.

Let it the glue dry for a few minutes then apply the mascara.

I hope you get the best result from this educational video.


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