How To: Woven Chignon

In this video, you’re going to see how a Woven Chignon is done. This tutorial is provided by and presented by Mrs. Parvaneh Habibi from Chatre Gol institute. To take part in our educational classes, please contact us by calling 09122469081.


Greetings. I’m Parvaneh Habibi and I’m an expert instructor in chignon, dye, and haircut. Today we’re here with a chignon tutorial. I hope this tutorial can be helpful to you.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ve already separated my model's hair. Separate the hair over ears, over the crown and the front. Start by working on the back. We’re going to tease this part of the hair. Tease the hair a lot. Give it an exponential volume. To tease the hair, you don’t need to work too deep in the hair batch. Just brush the surface of the hair gently against the grain. Some people tease the hair too much and it makes working with the hair that much harder. Put the batches of the hair in the back together after teasing to have a unified batch of hair in the end. Add a little styling spray to the surface, below and between the batch. Now we’re going to roll it up and turn it into a ball. Like what you see here.

Let’s move on to the next part, which is around the crown, above the batch we just finished working on. Let’s tease this part just a bit and start working on the hair to make lines. I’ve already talked about creating lines on hair in previous items, but I’m going to explain one more time for those of you who are new to our tutorials. To create those lines, pull out a small section of the hair and then add styling spray. The mistake many people make is that they spray the hair and then try to create lines. How long these lines are, depend on your preferences. How apart they are, is also something you can decide on your own. Again, pull a section of the hair slightly out and then add styling spray to hold it in place. You can even give them a little more style if you want.

After we’re done adding lines to the back, we’re going to work on the side. Separate that batch of hair into two or three parts. Hold the upper part in your hand and tease it from below a little. This is where the basis for the style you have in mind will take place. If you want the hair to have more volume or look puffy, it all depends on your preferences. Apply styling spray, brush and if you want, you can even add a few lines. I add the lines and spray the hair to hold it in place, hold the hair in your hand and curve it gently to the side. Use hairpins to hold it in place. We’re not going to fix the hair here, because we’re going to come back to this part later. After applying the hairpin, you can even add a few lines here also. Using a little hair cream can help with adding the lines. Like this. Now remove the previous hairpin and pull the hair to open it a little and make it wider. Use a few hairpins to fix the hair in place.

Now let’s move on to the layer behind the previous one on the side. Again you can separate this batch into two parts if you like. If you want your chignon to look more complicated or you want to add lines, it’s a good idea to separate this batch of hair into two parts. Brush the hair to straighten it and add a little styling spray. Keep in mind that you can use a brush with sparse heads to create lines on the hair too and it could help with this process. After you’ve brushed the hair completely, hold the hair in your hand and use your other hand to open the batch a little to make it wider. Give it a gentle curve and put it behind the previous batch. Pull the hair wide on the back as well and add hairpins to hold it in place. When the style is to your liking, add a little styling spray to fix it in place. You can even make your lines stand out by working on them more after the spray is added. At this point, you have to batches of hair woven into one another. This chignon is all about woven batches of hair over one another. This style of chignon is pretty viral now and most people like it and lots more are working on it. It’s usually called a woven chignon. Let’s add a little more spray.

Now for the next part. Meaning this part of the hair over at the back. If your client’s hair is not long enough, you can still style the hair left from the crown in a way that it will end up hanging from this point back here. Brush the hair again thoroughly. There should be no tangled hair left. Add a little spray above and below the hair. Brush the hair again. You’re going to put this batch over the adjacent curve, exactly like we did before. Add a hairpin to hold the hair here for the moment.

This is all that this chignon is about. Putting woven hair over one another in style. I’m going to do some work on the hair and come back to you.

Well, now I’ve also worked on this part of the hair exactly like the one you saw. Now, all we’re left with is the extra hair hanging in the back. If the hair is short, then there’s nothing to work on anymore and you’re done. But if there’s still hair left in the back, you can just roll the hair in a circle and put it somewhere in the back. Like this one here. For this extra hair, I’m going to do the same so you can see. Just roll the hair around your finger and put it here in this empty space. There’s nothing special you have to do for this process. Just brush the hair and roll it around your finger like this. Add a little spray or hair cream to help make it easier. Hold the hair tight so when you brush the hair, you don’t pull on the lines you’ve made. Clean the roll a little and put it in order. Although, since I want to add a few little flowers, I don’t have to worry too much about it. I’ve done the same thing in the back.

Now, all we’re left with is the extra hair hanging in the back. If you want, you can continue with the chignon the same way we’ve done up until now, but if you think that it’s enough and it’s what the clients want already, then you can roll the hair and put it under in the teased bun you’ve made. In any case, if you wanted to continue working, the process is the same as before. Just bring this batch of hair here and curve it. You can’t change the style now, because it will ruin your chignon. I’m going to use this little hair and curve it here because I need to cover this part. I’ll get it done and get back to you.

Our work is done here. This is how a woven chignon is done and I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial. You can add decorative elements to the hair also. If you want to take part in our private and public classes provided by Chatre Gol institute, please contact us by calling the numbers provided in the description.

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