How To: Learning Professional Skin Care

In this tutorial, we will talk to you about skincare classes provided by Faranak Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Bahare from Faranak Beauty Institute. I have more than ten years of experience in the field of professional skincare. Today I want to talk to you about our educational methods.

You have often seen that in classes covering makeup or other fields of cosmetics, the subjects are provided from a theoretical perspective and then during the workshop, the instructor applies those techniques to a live model. Most of the students are allowed to do is to take notes or capture videos. In our classes, we cover the theoretical concepts thoroughly during the first day and we will provide you with a booklet explaining all the theoretical material in details.

During the second and third day, you will perform the techniques personally. This will help those entering this field and experiencing skincare for the first time to have more confidence. We will be there with you at all times and if you have any issues implementing the techniques, we will make sure to resolve them. Our classes are divided into basic and advanced classes. In our basic classes, we will cover cleansing, skin hydrodermy, and firming. With skin cleansing, we will cover removing black and whiteheads from the skin and closing skin pores after cleansing. During skin hydrodermy, we will cover proper ways of moisturizing the skin. During skin firming, we will cover face-lifts and working with skin firming devices. You will also learn how to stabilize, normalize, and reduce oiliness of the skin.

After the basic classes, you can take part in our advanced classes if you wish. During these classes, we will cover fillings. This method is the safest and most advanced method to remove and repair skin defects. For this method, we use two different devices. One is the FIN device, which can remove all the wrinkles from the skin during a process of sublimation. In a way, it has replaced surgical procedures to lift or stretch the skin. This method is one of the safest methods to lift eyelids.

The other device we will talk about during our classes is the micro-needling device. The difference between the micro-needling device and other devices such as dermal roller is that it has twelve needles that only penetrates the most superficial layers of the skin. In no way should we use the micro-needling process as an aggressive method. We will instruct you to use the device in a non-aggressive way. The fact that this process sometimes causes scars or bleeding when used by some other technicians is an incorrect use of this device. I will instruct you how to use this device in a non-aggressive and effective way.

Uring the process, we will use the original gel manufactured by Phi, which is a very effective material. I hope to see you all in our classes. Thank you for watching.

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