How To: Brushing For Beginners

In the video below, you will watch the correct way of brushing the hair.
First separate thin bunches of hair on back of the head and brush them downwards.
You can brush and pull up the hair on the front to make it look thicker.


Hello everyone, I'm Maryam Ebrahimpour, a haircut expert from Rojelab website. I'm about to show you a brushing technique. a kind of plain brushing which is easy to do for the beginners.

This kind of brushing is suitable for short hair. but for long hair, separate the hair from one ear to another. and in all brushing techniques the brush is curled the way I'm curling it now. For less thick hair. We must move the brush upwards while curling it. so the hair becomes puffy on the scalp. once the hair is puffed up, start curling the brush downwards. now for the hair on the sides. as we brushed the hair on the back downwards. we'll do the same for the sides, I'll sort out small bunches of hair ( 2 cm thick) and brush them downwards. We keep doing it all this way except for the front part. As we'd like the front part to look thicker. We will pull it all upwards to keep them puffed then we'll see in which direction we can lie the hair.

Separate one bunch from the front part. as I said fist brush it upwards, then we can brush to either side. hold it on a little and blow it to cool down. This way it makes the front part look thicker. Then brush it to the either side where the hair lies. note that natural hair is more easily brushed than artificial hair. but although this is artificial hair, it loos thicker than before brushing. we're done with this brushing item. If you take a close look, the hair is puffed up just because we brushed upwards. but to open the frizz of hair on the bottom, we brush it to the sides. I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. see you later.

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