Learn Linear Chignon (Shinion)

In this video, The instructor teaches a simple type of Linear Chignon (Shinion).


Hello & welcome.

In this session, I want to teach a method of linear shinion (chignon).

This tutorial is recorded in Noghre-Neghar Institute.

First, separate the hair from behind the ears
From one ear to the other, like this
from the right ear to the left one.

Pay attention that line on the head (from ear to ear) should be straight
like this.

Use a hair tie to fasten the back hair
exactly in the center of the back, not too high, not too low.

We fasten the hair tie like this. Now I want to work on the front part of the hair
I separate the hair from the end of the eyebrow
On both sides, I separate the hair where the eyebrows end
I separate bangs of the hair and fall it down like this and
now I have all parts separated and clear
Now let's go to the top of the head:
I should separate this part into two equal parts
as you can see:
I separate them into opposing directions
Apply a very light push from the root of the hair, a very weak push
Now I use a little hair cream. very little cream is used not to make the hair greasy
I apply a gentle and weak turn on hair and make it puff.

Then I start to separate the layers of the hair. Be careful that for such a chignon, the volume of hair is very important
now I try to clear the borders of the layers and make them separate and clean.

I continue making line layers on the head downwards
when you finished putting hairpins, apply hairspray on this part
be careful not to spray other parts
like this
Now I will do the same layering for the left side
again on this part, I apply a little hair cream, just like what we did for the right side
I apply a gentle and weak turn on hair and make it puff.

Then I start to separate the layers of the hair
To fix the layers I use uncurved hairpins
I make straight line layers on this part like this.

Then I use the hairpin
I make hair in the form of parallel lines
like I said before when every part is finished, apply hairspray.

We should spray on every part, so we can easily remove hairpins
there is extra hair here.

I fasten it under the tie I already put
I use a small ball of hair to raise the tied hair on the back of the head.

For the time being, I want to work on the back of the head
I separate one part
I apply a little hair cream to get rid of hair particles and make them invisible
I comb it
I turn the hair like this and put a hairpin on it
but be careful not to fix it, it is not final the fix.

Only one hairpin does what we want.

This part is not pushed and should not be.

I separate hair layers and put uncurved hairpin on them, like this
when applying hair pins finished, use hairspray to fix and
Just a little hairspray and from distance
in this way, small hair particles get glued to the main hair layer
after making sure this part is correctly done, fix completely the part which I said only put a hairpin on
like this.

Then I go to the next part
again I separate another part of the hair
I thoroughly comb it
I apply hair cream
when you turn the hair like this, be careful
not to put hairpin on the end it
otherwise, it would fall down
I turn the hair upwards and put only a hairpin.

This is not the final fix
like this, I separate hair layers and slowly put uncurved hairpin on them
I apply hairspray to glue hair particles to the main layer
I go to the next part
I do exactly what I did on the previous parts
I put hair cream and continue
as you see back hair is completely done
I don't remove the hairpins now.

I wait until they are completely fixed.

I go to the side part of the head
I comb the hair
I apply hair cream
hair cream is used so that hair layers can be separated easily and particles are glued
too much cream would make the hair greasy and you can not then work on it
I separate the hair layers like this
I turn the hair layer backward like this
in this part, also use an uncurved hairpin
pay attention to this curve.

It should start from here
the layers are separated slantwise
bring the layer up
put the hairpin in the standing position
put the extra part of the hair here
you see it is done this way.

I explained the right side
I did the left side exactly the same way
now let's go the front part or bangs of the hair
again I use a little hair cream
bangs model depends on the customer's preferences.

This model may not look so good certain people
I apply a very simple turn on the hair
a very simple turn
I use my fingers to make layers on the hair
like this
the turn should be gentle and simple so that you can separate the layers
like this
continue making layers until the end of it
bangs part is also finished.

As you see I have used uncurved hairpins
since I have already put hairspray and
now it is fixed, I can remove the pins
since this is a detailed chignon, other things like crown or flower are not used
unless your customer says so
I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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