How To: Drawing Eyeliners

In this brief tutorial, you will see a few ways to draw eyeliners.


Today I want to show you a few eyeliners based on the requests we’ve received from users on

Gel eyeliners are waterproof and hypoallergenic. They have an opaque and velvet look and to apply them you usually use a triple-zero or slant brush.

Thin liquid eyeliners are usually used to draw thing and delicate eyeliners. Eyeliner pens are long lasting and have an opaque look. They are available in different colors and are suitable for amateurs.

For the first step, use a concealer or a light cream powder on the eyelids by touching the skin with the product. Use a triangular pad to distribute it on the eyelids. Use a fixing powder or pancake to dry the material. In order to draw the eyeliner, first, draw a thin line above the eyelash and continue slightly outside the eyelash line. Make the trailing line a little thicker by drawing on it and fill it with eyeliner material. Now fill the empty spaces.

To draw the eyeliner on the inner edge of the eyes,
If the eyes are far apart, tell the client to look the other way and then draw a thin delicate line.

The eyeliner I’m going to show you now is more suitable for beginners. Use an oily eyeliner pen or double-headed magic pen to draw a thin line. Use a brush to fade the line immediately.

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