How To: Eyebrow Hachure Technique

In this tutorial, you will get familiar with some essential tips you need to consider during an eyebrow micro-pigmentation process.

If you want it to leave you with a more lasting pretty hachure, you will have to take special care of the make-up at least for a week after the treatment. This includes avoiding showers as much as possible and stay away from excessive exposures to the sunlight.

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Greetings, I'm Maryam Sadoogh. I'm a micro-pigmentation stylist. Today we're going to talk about eyebrow hachure make-up. There are a couple of essential tips in micro-pigmentation that I'll mention them here. It's important which type of needle to choose for micro-pigmentation. as well as type of the dye and the skin type on which we intend to apply the dye. and also the brows design. you should make the design according to the client's taste and their face shape. one more thing that should be pointed out. would be choosing the suitable dye for different skin types. let's imagine two people with different skin colours. one is fair-skinned and the other is brown-skinned. in these two skin types . the kind of dye to use is totally different. For instance, the fair-skinned one who wishes to have brown colour on her brows . due to the presence of red pigments on her skin. we'd better use neutralizing material. Besides, different neutralizers are used for these two skins. For fair skins, it's better to use a neutralizer for dark brown colours. and for the brown skins, because of the dark blue pigments existing on the skin, . it's better to use an orange colour neutralizer. so that after washing the tattoo make-up. the primary colour wouldn't turn smoky for the brown-skinned clients and red for the fair-skinned ones.

The next important point which many of learners have been asking. is that after micro-pigmentation treatment. Intensive care should be taken to achieve a satisfactory result. but of course the durability of the treatment depends on the client's skin type. it usually lasts longer on dry skins rather than on oily ones. but still we can't say it's true for sure. but to some extent, it depends on the type of dye used and the performance of the stylist. The post-treatment care you will need to consider, includes: . Don't make the pigmentation area wet for 3 days. avoid bathing as much as possible. try not to be exposed to the sunlight. and repeatedly keep the treatment area greasy. and don't use cosmetics. and also for a week after treatment you must make the area oily after bathing.

Dear pals, now let's go see the practical process of micro-pigmentation hachure. before we get started . after numbing the eyebrows area. remove the oiliness of the area with a pad treated with alcohol. so that the oiliness of the anaesthetic is wiped off too. now we can begin the treatment. to make a natural-looking hachure. it's better to use a 1-round cartridge. to make the strokes look more thin and delicate. and the important point is that. insert the needle into the skin in a way that the needle point is visible to you. so you can see the tip of needle moving in order to be able to make thinner hair strokes . how deep the needle is inserted into the skin is important. it should be inserted at a medium depth. the needle and the rotary device should function at a medium velocity. so the pigments are properly deposited in the epidermis. you better don't hold the needle in a vertical position on the skin. the more curved we draw the strokes . the more natural and delicate will look the hachure. you better move the needle gently on the skin. in a back and forth direction. so that the pigment is uniformly settled in the skin. I'll now go on doing the same to complete the treatment. Dear pals, I'm already done with this hachure make-up. I do hope this item has been useful for you.

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