How To: Powder Nail Design

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your smile line, and apply a nail design using liquid powder. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Academy.


Greetings. Today I want to talk to you about smile lines for nail design using powder.

First, let's add some glue to our nail tip. You can use nail tips or nail forms. It all depends on what you prefer. Stick the tip on the nail and wait a bit. After the tip is stuck to the nail, I’ll cut some of it using the cutter and use it to cut the edges to make it look round. We can use an electric scrub to form the nail. We will also use an electric scrub to scrub off the tip line on the nail because the machine can really help with this process.

Our next step is to use a peachy powder to form the foundation for our nail design. We can use this method to expand small nails. First, I’ll apply my primer and anti-fungus. I apply both to the surface of the nail. Smear your brush in the liquid powder and start applying it from the root. If you want to expand the nail, you have to apply more of the liquid powder. This will also help us form the nail the way we want later using the smile line cutter. Now that the liquid has dried a bit, use your smile cutter. The smile line cutter has different sizes. Choose the right size based on the nail. Put the cutter on the nail at the point you want the smile line to be, push it down on the nail and pull it back to remove the excess material.

You can use an electric scrub to form the nail later after it’s dry a bit more. Now I’m going to use an electric scrub to remove the excess material from the smile line and form it. You can also use a manual scrub if you wish. Using a thin scrub with a pointy tip can be more helpful. I also use a manual scrub to form the smile line a bit more. This nail is ready for the tip design. You can use any form of decorations based on your preference. I’ll use a black gel or nail polish to decorate the tip. I’ll apply a thin coating of acrylic nail polish for a better shine.

I want to use watch smithereens to decorate the tip. You can choose your decorations based on what you like. I use my dotting tool to put the parts on the nail. You can put the parts on top of each other and there’s no specific order. Now we can use a clear powder to fix the decorations. I’ll add a layer of clear powder on top of the previous layer starting from the root towards the tip. I have to cover the whole nail with this powder.

When the powder is dry, I can use an electric brush to remove the excess material. You should also know that the correct way to scrub the nail is to use rotational movements. This will help us preserve the natural curve on the nail. For the final touches, I’ll use my manual scrub. After your final scrub, wash the hand and apply a layer of cover gel to add some shine to the nail. Just add a thin coating. Make sure the top coating doesn’t touch the tissue. Because after putting the nail under UV or LED it will cause an issue when the nail grows longer. Put the nail under LED light for one minute and 3 minutes if you use UV light.

Our design in over. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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