How To: Effortless Eye Make-up

Some may believe applying eye make-up on their own is a really far-fetched task and are afraid that the result may appear a lot different from what expected. Here's everything you need to know how to make your eyes stand out! Follow the steps one at a time to learn how easy it can be.


Hello everyone, welcome to Rojelab website, today we're here with an eye make-up item for you guys. the first thing to do is cleanse the eyelids thoroughly. you need an eyeshadow palette to begin. as you see, the first colour I'm gonna use for shading is VEGA. I'll fade it on the back of eyelids. it has a subtle light pink colour. I'm using a shadowing brush to do it. now I'll go spreading the shadow from the inner corner to the outer corner of the lid. now It's time to take a different colour for the shadow. take some of the FLESH colour and repeat the same thing spreading it on the back of the lid. now I'll pick another shading colour named TITANIA. using this colour, we can slightly darken the outer corner. meanwhile we're still fading the different colours on the lid.

Pick the next colour for shading and add it to the shadow to be mixed with other colours.. the next colour I'm gonna use has slightly dark shades. This one is also added to the outermost corner of the lid. the next step is applying a light colour named BELLATRIX. This one is applied to the inner corner of the eye. I'll use a new brush for this shadow, take a close look at how it's done. you can moisten your brush for this shadow to give it a better effect. pick the next colour and add it to the middle part of the lid, then start spreading it. keep in mind that although the colours are somewhat blended together for eyeshadow, they each have a vital role to play in creating an attractive look for the eyes. take this colour and use one finger to spread it above the middle part of the lid. after you've completed shading, take a liquid eyeliner to put around the eyes.

Be careful to use a premium quality liquid eyeliner of a reliable brand. and always remember that eyeliners are easy to use. and it's possible to put a smooth even line around the eyes. next pick a dark shadow and put a line right above the previous line you drew. Then fade it on the outer corner of the eye. in the next step, apply the EARTH colour again. and as you see it's then faded on the corner right on the eye lines. it's too dark under the shadow, it must be faded a bit less dark so that it makes the eyes look more attractive. now I'll remove the pad off the skin. as you see, it looks a bit uneven and untidy, so I'm gonna use this concealer to fix it. a straight line is put right under eye line on the outer corner and it's then faded using a fading pad. and again the liquid eyeliner is used to put a tiny thin line along the roots of the lashes.

It's an extremely thin line, however, it has a tremendous effect on making eyes look prettier. again remember that it's a tiny line and in some ways barely visible. I'll again use this shadow to put a line underneath the lower lashes. and then the TITANIA shade is added. start applying the shadows and fading them from the inner corner to the outer corner. you can observe the sequence of colours added to the eyes for shadowing. now it comes to applying the mascara. try to be very cautious when choosing your mascara, and the mascara brush is also very important for achieving a good look. apply the mascara first to the upper lashes and then to the lower ones. now to further beautify the eyes, false eyelashes are applied to the eyes. a light white shadow is then applied to underneath the eyebrows. now we're all done with this eye make-up item, I hope you've enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for watching us, Good Luck.

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