Removing Tattoos

In this video, you will find some useful information regarding how to remove tattoos without leaving any color scars. The technique that is used here, takes advantage of organic materials. It is painless and you do not need to have any numbing medicine. Removing tattoos whether on the eyebrows, eyeliners, and lip liners has its special procedures and steps. It depends on the type of the skin and the depth of the old pigmentation. In addition, the technique of movement on the tattoo is very important. Watch and enjoy!


Hello dear friends and companions of Rojelab.

This is Dina Taghavi.

Today, I would like to talk about specialized removing the eyebrows tattoos
the person who removes the tattoo
should know the required information and have experience in this regard
otherwise, you may hurt your clients` skin badly
sometimes such skin damages are Irreparable.

For starting the removing job
whether for eyebrows, eyeliner or lip liner
you should have the required skills
basically, we refer the client to a Doctor for removing the eyeliner tattoos
but for removing the tattoos of lips and eyebrows
depending on the skin type
whether the skin is normal, soft or hard
or depending on the deep color which is used for the tattoos
you should choose the right needle
usually, the needles that are used for removing
are power 7, power 3, micro 3, and liner 3.

Dear friends, please pay attention to this point
that your environment should be sterile
including your hands, tools, and the place where you want to do the removing job
my client has greasy skin
it`s been 13 years that she has this tattoo
which is so deep
she has done removing for once or twice in this area
which you can see beige and red color remaining.

Today, we want to remove these colors from her skin
be careful to remove the tattoos correctly
because working on deeper levels will hurt the skin greatly
use disposable cartridges and depending on the skin type and old pigmentation on the skin
choose the type of needle
you can start removing in two ways
with tapping movement like this
you can use the tapping technique if your materials are not organic
but if your materials are organic, you can use the technique of circular motion
which I am using
you will see the old pigmentation coming out
before removing, shave the area
with a sterile razor and remove the hair from the area
after I scrubbed this area, you see the color pigments coming out
after the first scrub
use a micro-brush and put some organic materials on the area and leave it for 15 seconds
as you see, again we have color pigmentation coming out and again we start scrubbing the same area and we repeat it more
of course, the repetition depends on your opinion, the clients' skin type, the depth of color pigmentation
certainly, apply the aftercare once your job is done
aftercare is very useful because it relaxes the skin inflammation
to get rid of the blood
so, the inflammation could be resolved
basically, we recommend Gentamicin for our clients
because of skin inflammation.

For the wound you can apply repairing creams in order to get healed sooner
pay attention to two points
the first point is that the client`s skin color will be the same as before in 6 or 7 weeks and the second point is what I do to remove the tattoos and the materials which I use are completely painless and there is no need to use any numbing medicine
I hope you could use the tips presented here.

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