Eyebrow Shading Explained

In this brief tutorial, we’re going to show you how an eyebrow shading using micro-pigmentation technic is usually done. Also, we’re going to explain the technic of eyebrow shading and how it differs from tattooing. This video is done by Mrs. Donya Taghavi. If you’re interested in receiving our services, or want to join our classes, please contact us using this number:


Greeting to all of you viewing Rojelab.net. Today I want to talk to you about shading using micro-pigmentation technics.

There’s this common misconception about eyebrow shading. Some people think shading is the same as eyebrow tattoos. This is a wrong assumption. Shading is a new method and it doesn’t involve anything like tattooing or forming a colored block around your eyebrow. For those of you who’d like to have a light, natural looking eyebrow, shading can be the right choice. Shading appears as a powder and looks very natural when applied and it will make you look even more beautiful. Stay with us through this tutorial.

As you can see, our model has a good looking but thin eyebrow. Shading is a great way to make an eyebrow like this look better. Also since the eyebrow is in a light color, the shade will last longer.

We’re going to add more color to the part closer to the crown of the eyebrow and as we move to the edge it’s going to get lighter. Also, the parts that I’ve added using a pen, are going to have a light color. I’m going to use different cartridges during the process to produce a better result.

To start our eyebrow shading using micro-pigmentation, we’re going to start from the edge of the eyebrow. Keep in mind that the pressure and the style in which you apply the pigmentation must be stable and unified. Even the way you turn the cartridge in your hand must be controlled perfectly in order to produce the desired results.

As you can see here, I’ve finished adding the shade to the eyebrow. In the bottom lower part of the eyebrow, the shade is darker from the edge of the eyebrow all the way to the crown, and for the upper half of the eyebrow, the shade looks a little lighter. I’ve added a little more shade to the crown because after pigmentation there could be a little color loss after a week. It will look the way we intend it after that period of time. After the process is finished, there is good aftercare you can use or advice your client to use in order to protect the shade and help it last longer.

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