How To: Paraffin Therapy Step-By-Step

This treatment is carried out in 5 steps:
1- Put the material as much as needed in the paraffin bath device.
2- Apply the substance on the hands using a brush
3- Put the hand in a plastic glove
4- Wrap the hand in a towel and wait for 20 minutes
5- Remove the paraffin off the skin

Hint: avoid washing your hands for 30 minutes after the treatment.


Paraffin therapy can help make the skin soft and fresh. and also provides pain relief for rheumatism patients. there are hygienic paraffin with various essences on the market, put as much needed in a paraffin bath device. you can either dip your hand in the bath or apply the paraffin on the hand with a brush. after spreading the paraffin on all over the area, put the hand in a glove then wrap it in a towel. and take a 20 minute pause. after the pause, remove the paraffin off the hands. keep in mind that, you must not make your hands wet for half an hour after the treatment. I do hope this tutorial has been useful for you.

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