How to Draw Symmetrical Eyebrows

One of the essential steps before having your eyebrows pigmented is to know how to make sure they are drawn symmetrical and which tools to use to get a better result.
Here we present three methods of measuring with caliper, Rulers, thread or tissue.
This tutorial helps you do it like a professional.


Hello everyone!

This is Sahar Hedayati, today we work on one of the most important issues in micro-pigmentation
which is drawing the eyebrows and making them symmetrical.

Dear friends as you know, another name for micro-pigmentation is permanent makeup
so, in permanent makeup
it is better, before starting the job
do the drawing very carefully and really invest time on it
because compensating the mistakes
has high costs and it takes a lot of time
therefore, it is better to do our best in order to make the eyebrows symmetrical
there are different techniques for measuring and drawing symmetrical eyebrows.

For example measuring with Calipers and also measuring rulers based on centimeters
additionally, you can measure with thread method or a tissue
in this item, I use a combination of these methods and explain more
here I would like to explain the method of drawing with a ruler
initially, the middle part of the eyebrows should be distinguished.

We draw from the middle of the nose.

We move upward
so that the middle point of the eyebrows can be marked
of course, you should consider Septal Deviation as well
because some of your clients may have Septal Deviation and this Septal Deviation may result in Optical illusion
another thing which I should mention is that
be careful to use only the drawing markers, not cosmetic pencils
because the cosmetic pencils have lead and once you use cosmetic pencils, you enter the lead to the skin unintentionally
but the drawing markers or pencils
do not have the lead and they have lasting effect during the job
you can use the drawing as a guide until the end of the pigmentation procedure
once you found the middle part of the eyebrows
you put a ruler which is based on cm on the eyebrows
as you see, you can settle it in the middle of the eyebrows on zero points of the ruler
in this way
considering the distance of the eyebrows.

We start with the head of the eyebrows.

For example, for this client, as you see 1 cm distance from the middle point is OK.

If you want more distance some hair should be removed.

We mark 1 cm from the middle point for both eyebrows and draw it as you see here
the extra hair should be removed.

These hairs should be removed
the next step is measuring from the head of the eyebrows to the tail and measuring the head to the peak of the eyebrows
our client wants the drawing to be in accordance with the frame of her own eyebrows
so we start measuring and drawing from this 1 cm part to 6.5 cm in the tail of the eyebrows and we mark it
because the left side eyebrow is shorter.

We should match both eyebrows with each other.

We remove the extra hair and from head to the peak of the eyebrow
which is located in 5 cm.

We mark it
in this way
pay attention that the drawing of the eyebrows should be in accordance with the opinion of your client
she liked the drawing to be done based on her eyebrows shape.

We draw the other eyebrow symmetrically the same as this one
the left eyebrow is also drawn from 1 cm head to 6.5 cm the tail
of course, this eyebrow needs to be a little longer to be matched with the other side
during the pigmentation, we make this eyebrow a little longer.

We mark the end of the eyebrow here 6.5 cm and we mark the peak of the eyebrow in 5 cm.

We draw from peak to the tail from 5 cm to 6.5 cm and we draw from peak to the head
after doing this part
you can balance the measuring by a straight shape
it can be a caliper.

We match the points in both sides
so that both parts to be paralleled with each other
use the caliper, measure and match this way
in order to make sure both eyebrows are symmetrical
use the caliper as you see, match the heads, and peaks
another method that I can tell you is
very simple but very exact with the use of a tissue.

This way, as you see, it is completely practical and on the peaks of the eyebrows
as you can see, it shows that the eyebrows are completely symmetrical
I hope that your dear friends and colleagues pay careful attention to the symmetrical drawing of the eyebrows and be aware that the initial correct eyebrow drawing
makes your client satisfied at the end.

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