How To: Eyebrow Microblading For Beginners

Before getting started, design the eyebrows according to the face shape. Then, begin drawing the hair strokes with the desired colour pigment.
One of the microblading benefits is its fineness. But consider the fact that it won’t last for so long and you need to come in for a touch-up session every six months.

Below, you can find a tutorial containing a full instruction of microblading. To join beauty courses provided by BAHAR-E-SHEYDAI institute, you just need to contact via the numbers provided.


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Today we've come up with a technique in microblading. This person's eyebrow is designed according to the face shape,. the bone behind the temple, . and the eye and nose bone.

. let's begin now. microblading is a fully fine delicate technique. which is suitable for those who want it to be less lasting. The pigment is deposited in the superficial layer of the skin. that is the epidermis layer of the skin. and it causes no damage to neither the skin nor the hair roots. It won't last for so long on the face. Furthermore, it doesn't require to be removed or changed in shape and design.

The traditional method of tattooing is called '' pigmentation ''. which the pigment is inserted in the hypodermis region (lowermost layer) of the skin near the roots. therefore, it may cause serious damages to the roots. in addition, the pigments would smear under the skin over time. but this smearing never happens with microblading. and also it doesn't need to be removed.

The process is absolutely delicate. the strokes are finely hair-like. the strokes are drown according to the shape of eyebrows. the pigments used for this purpose is fully organic and herbal. and contain no chemicals such as lead or ink. The brows will last between 8 months and 1 year. so the skin has to be cleansed before we begin working on it. otherwise it will fade more rapidly. the cleansing should be carried out depending on the skin type. also it is necessary to have touch-up sessions after a while. there's a step called '' colour oxidation''. which so many of you might not be familiar with. after almost 3 days the wounds start running. and makes it look so faded. This is called colour oxidation which it takes a while for the skin to conduct the colour to the outer surface.

It doesn't need much intense care. but you better try not to make the brows wet within 2-3 days after work. use eyes cream instead. and the best time for a touch-up would be the next 30-40 days.

Well now our today's microblading is over. I do hope this has been useful for you. To sign up for classes. feel free to contact us via phone numbers provided.

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