Foundation Makeup Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, the correct procedure for a foundation makeup is explained. This tutorial is provided by Mrs. Leily Kakh. If you’re interested in joining our classes, contact us at 09226791171.


Greetings. I’m Leily Kakh from Today I want to talk to you about foundation makeup.

As you can see, even though my model has washed her face thoroughly, when you wipe the face using a toner, you realize there are still some pollutions which will not be cleaned using water or soap and only using a toner can help clean the pores for a better makeup. After using a toner, I’m going to use a water based moisturizer on the skin. To moisturize the face wait 30 minutes after adding the cream.

After the thirty minutes has passed, I’m going to use gel makeup. This gel will help get rid of surface wrinkles, get the face ready for makeup and help moisturize the face. This gel can be used on any type of skin. After applying the gel, I’m going to wait for ten minutes and then we can move on to building our makeup foundation.

We’ve waited for ten minutes and now use a concealer to hide the rash. Dab the concealer on the spot to fade the rash in its place. Next step is using a suitable foundation to cover the skin. Cover the face uniformly using the foundation. Notice that I’m not adding this foundation under the eyes. For the eyes, I’m going to use a concealer, because it’s lighter and will help prevent wrinkles. After adding the foundation using a brush, dab the skin with a latex pad to absorb the extra product. Give it a few minutes.

Now use a concealer with a pale goldenrod color. Dab the concealer nozzle below the eyes in the shape of a triangle. Again, dab the area using a latex pad to fade the product. Right after removing the extra product, use a light fixing powder under the eyes to dry the makeup. The fixing powder will help prevent wrinkles from forming under the eyes.

Highlighting is technically brightening parts of the face. We highlight the parts we want to be more vivid. On the other hand, we make the parts that we want to look smaller or hollow, darker. Next, we’re going to do the face contour. Face contour is different for every type of face and the way you add the contour depends on the nature and physics of the face. Use a toothbrush makeup brush or an oval brush to level the makeup and cover the areas. Clean your brush after working on each part of the face. I change my brush and try to fade the darker parts around their own spot. After fading our highlight and contour lines, we use a light fixing powder on the skin. You can even use three different fixing powder colors instead of one just one. Use the colorless fixing powder on the highlighted parts and the darker fixing powder on the darker parts. Use the medium color fixing powder on other parts of the foundation. After using the fixing powder, use a fixing spray to refresh and preserver the makeup.

As you well know, correct foundation and toning are crucial for a well-formed and lasting makeup. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.


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