How To: Apply False Nails

In the present tutorial, a proper way of applying false nails is provided. The procedure includes the following steps:
1- Using the pusher to move the extra pieces of skin back at the nail walls
2- Picking a tip size fitting the nails
3- Applying adhesive gel to the inner side of the tip
4- Placing the tip on the natural nail’s edge
5- Pressing the tip against the nail’s surface
6- Trimming the tip to the desired length using a nail clippers or a cutter
7- Filing the tip sides to get the desired shape.


Hello everyone, I'm Niki Honarmand, a nail technician and make-up instructor from Kimia beauty salon. Today, I'm gonna show you how to apply false nails properly, so keep watching. as the first step in this process, I'll buff shine the nail's surface, meaning that the buffer is used to scrub the surface to make it rather rough. This is done in order to prevent the false nail from slipping off the natural nail. apply the gel to the inner side of the tip. you never have to cover half the nail's length with gel, but only one third the length from the top. press the tip gently against the nail's plate. try to make the glue spread thoroughly between the tip and the nail's plate while pressing.

This way no air bubble gets trapped under the tip. after holding it for 5 seconds, the tip is then prepared to receive filing. very well pals, this was how false nail tips are applied. To reserve a seat in our personal or group classes, please dial the numbers provided. Thanks a lot for watching.

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