Sticking Artificial Nails Learning

1- Push the rounded corners of the nail

2- Choose the right nail size

3- Fill the inside of artificial nails with special glue

4- Put the end of the nail on the nail end

5- Put pressure on the artificial nail.

6- Cut the artificial nails by a cutter or nail clipper

7- Use nail file to form the shape you desire.


Hi everyone! We are here from Viyona Salon, the training team.

Today, we work on sticking artificial nails
first, we push the skin on the nail.

Then, we choose the size of the nail and we fill the inside of the nail with glue
after that, we put it on the nail.

We put pressure on the artificial nail in order to stick to the nail completely
use nail clipper to shorten the nail
in the end, use the file to form the shape you wish.

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