How To: Stylish Bob Haircut

In this video, a short bob haircut is presented. This tutorial was taught by Parvane Habib from Chatr-e-Gol Academy. If you’re interested in joining our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Parvane Habibi from Chatr-e-Gol Academy. In this tutorial, we are talking about a bob haircut.

Choose a batch of hair from behind the head and cut it in a zero-degree angle. You can cut the hair two inches above the neckline. We want to use this as our guide. Choose thin batches of hair and start cutting in a forty-five-degree angle and increasing the angle for each layer until reaching 180-degrees. Where you reach the 180-degree angle depends on the volume of the client’s hair. For high volumes, you’ll reach this degree at the top of the head.

For the next layer choose a seventy-five or ninety degree depending on the hair. People call this type of bob haircut by different names. I’m cutting in a 75-degree angle which is between 45 and 90-degree angles. For the next layer, I’m cutting in a 90-degree angle.

Since my model doesn’t have a very full head of hair, I can’t cut in a 180-degree angle. At most, I can cut at a 145 degree at the top. After cutting behind the head and shearing the required parts, for which you can either use a blade or a scissor, move on to the front. Choose thin layers of hair from the side and cut in a zero degree angle. For this style, we want to leave a part of the hair uncut and longer than the rest of the hair. Cut the rest of the batch diagonally. This uncut layer can be thinner based on the client’s preference.

Let’s move on to the next layers. Here we follow the same principle as the rest of the hair and increase the angle of the cut as we move up. Forty-five degrees, seventy-five, then ninety and above. That uncut part of the hair stays as it is. Leave this part and then cut in a forty-five degrees angle.

Our next layer is cut in a seventy-five degrees angle, then ninety and at last 140 degrees. For the last part, cut in a 145-degree angle, the same as before. We leave the longer part be for now. On the other side, the exact same process takes place and then we can move on to working on the longer part we left behind. I’m going to cut the other side and get back to you with the rest of the tutorial.

Now that we have cut both sides, we can come back to the longer parts. It’s better to cut this batch diagonally. Use your scissor like this, and cut the hair. Move the scissor downwards. You can get the same result using a blade. You have to use sharp scissors. Do the same for the other side.

Let’s do the same here. Give it a sharp diagonal cut. Next, we move on to the bangs. In which way you cut the bangs depends on the client. For these bangs, since they are long, I want to cut diagonally as I did on the sides. Now I can form the hair. Brush the hair with your hand and form it and brush it to the side. Use a little styling spray to hold the hair in place.

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