How To: Long Lasting Face Makeup

In this tutorial, we provide a complete walk-through of a long lasting face makeup.


Greeting. I'm here from and today I want to you about makeup. I want to show you how you can apply a skin cover for a long lasting makeup. This is a common question and problem among cosmetic students.

Before anything, we use a suitable toner to clean the client’s skin. This will get the skin ready for the makeup and you’ll clean the skin pores from pollution. After a few minutes, we apply a moisturizer to let the skin absorb the needed moisture. Using an oil-free moisturizer is a good choice to prepare the basis for a long lasting makeup.

After applying the moisturizer, we have to wait for thirty minutes while the skin reacts to the product. While this is happening, we can take care of the rest of the makeup. During the thirty-minute wait, while the moisturizer was taking effect on the skin, I took care of the makeup for the eyes. Now let’s use a primer as another layer of our basis for the makeup. Apply the primer to the skin and wait ten minutes.

Even though, there are primers available that don’t require you to wait for ten minutes, most of the products on the market require this time to work. After the allotted time has passed, we can start covering the skin. After ten minutes, we use a green concealer to cover the small red pimples and red spots on the skin. We have to apply the concealer with delicacy and attention. After fading the concealer, we apply the suitable foundation for that skin. We talk more about color concepts and skin cover using foundation in our classes.

As you can see, I’m not applying my foundation under the eyes, because I plan to use a concealer since it’s a lighter product. I use my brush to apply the product to the skin. Keep in mind that foundation products for oily skins usually contain some alcohol, so while you are using this type of product, apply them to one part of the skin and use your brush to fade it and then move on to another section.

The best type of brush for this process is a wide toothbrush model. Since it’s very soft, it can cover the whole skin and hide the pores and you’ll end up with a light foundation. Now we’re adding the concealer under the eyes. Don’t add it in a circular shape because it will make your eyes look hollow. It’s important to touch the skin with the brush when adding the concealer, otherwise it could cause wrinkles.

After the foundation is added and faded thoroughly, you can start the highlight and contouring process. At this point, the skin is completely covered with the foundation and a highlight has been added on top. At this point, we want to dry the makeup. Touch the skin with the brush. You can even use dark and light fixing powders to exaggerate the contour. Use a dark fixing powder on darker areas and a light one for the areas you want to look brighter. Here, I’m still working with the fixing powder.

Add a little water to a tissue and touch the face with it to get rid of the excess products on the skin. This will make the makeup feel lighter too. At this point, we have covered the face completely. Stay with me while I continue to work on my model.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.We’d love to see you in our classes.

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