Safe And Simple Hair Decoloring

Here we are going to go through the step-by-step process of decoloring hair. This tutorial is brought to you by Noghre Negar Beauty Series.


Greeting, today we are going to teach you how to do a full hair decoloring. This video is brought to you by Noghre Negar beauty institute.

For a safe and shiny decoloring you can add Olaplex to your treatment formula. Olaplex is a product which can repair broken or damaged hair mainly caused by coloring, ironing or pressuring your hair. There are two main types of decoloring powders. One type looks bluish and the other is typically white. The bluish decoloring powder is more potent. We usually start decoloring with the white powder and if the final result is not satisfactory, you can always use the more potent formula.

For each cup of decoloring powder, use 5 ml of Olaplex formula. For this manikin head, we are going to use 6 cups of decoloring powder and 30 ml of Olaplex formula. The important point to notice is that a chemical reaction between decoloring powder and oxidant will take up to thirty minutes. For this same reason, in the beginning, we only prepare two cups of decoloring formula.

The hair we are working on is a natural hair and we are going to reach a base 10 in the decoloring process. To reach our results, we need an oxidant volume 3 or 12 percent. If we needed to redo the hair again we can use an oxidant volume of 2.

Add the oxidant gradually. Stop adding the oxidant when the formula starts looking like a stiff cream. We are going to add a little oil to the head to avoid damaging the scalp tissue.

First, separate the hair into four parts to make adding the decoloring formula easier. Separate the first batch on the back of the head in a straight line. You should avoid the roots for at least one centimeters. Add the formula and massage the hair until the end of the batch. To dry the hair batch and speed the decoloring process cover the batch with a Meche.

Separate another layer. Proceed by adding decoloring formula one centimeter from the root to the rest of the hair. A normal hair requires 30 to 45 minutes for it to decolor.

Now to check the hair, we hold a small layer of hair, pull it slightly and if it looks like plastic, you have to rinse the hair. If the product stays on the hair any longer, it’s going to damage the hair. If not massage the hair and cover it with Meche. To re-apply the product, wipe the decoloring product from the hair and use the bluish decoloring powder with an oxidant volume of 2. Since the decoloring product is more powerful this time, we use a weaker oxidant. Add the formula to the hair and massage the hair thoroughly. Uncover the hair by removing the Meche.

You have to check for the product to be added correctly to the hair and not to the roots, otherwise, you’re going to end up with yellow roots and a colored hair.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and we’re looking forward to meeting you in our makeup and beauty classes. Goodbye.

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