Lash-line Pigmentation Explained

In this video, we’re going to show you how lower lash-line pigmentation is done. This video is brought to you by Mrs. Donya Taghavi. If you are interested in joining micro-pigmentation classes in Tehran or Bushehr, please don’t hesitate to call 09195256779.


Hello, and good day to all of you watching Today I want to talk to you about Lash-Line pigmentation enhancement or what is sometimes called permanent eyeliners.

In the beginning, I should note that basically one of the utilities of micro-pigmentation is cosmetic eye enhancement. Eye beauty can mean different things to different people. Some people might also prefer to enhance their lower eyelash line. Those of you with big eyes or those who rather have sparse and natural eyelashes might be better off going with lower eyelash pigmentation. Lower eyelash liners can work for all types of eyes and will give your eye a charming allure. It will also leave your natural looks intact. But upper eyelash pigmentation is usually recommended for more linear eyes. This will make the liner show itself on the eyes.

After the pigmentation process, there are a few things to take care for. These include touch-ups, avoiding direct sunlight, or washing your eyes with water for one to three weeks, and avoiding filth or pollution from entering the eyes.

We’re going to start with the lower lashes. There’s no need for anesthetic since it could enter your eyes after you close the eyelids and cause unintended consequences. But for the upper eyelashes, there’s no reason not to use anesthetic. However, it’s recommended to use it a little above the upper eyelashes. Before we begin we have to wash the eyes with sterile eye drops. Next, we can move on to pigmenting between the lower lashes.

How you sit and hold the pigmentation pen is very important. You should proceed with the pigmentation in a way to avoid diffusing the pigmentation ink inside the eye. To achieve this end you have to apply the correct pressure and inject the ink to the correct depth. It’s best to start from the outer edge of the eye towards the inner edge. To avoid swelling you have to control the pressure applied by your hand.

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