How To: Useful Tips For Nail Polishing

To achieve an evenly polished nail, you should start rubbing the brush from near the nail base and continue straight to the edge. A better coverage of the polish would be possible by applying two layer of polish to the nail’s surface. A nail gloss can be used after the polishing to provide a shinier look and a more durable polish as well.
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Hello everyone, I'm Niki Honarmand, a nail technician and make-up instructor from Kimia beauty salon. Today, I'm here to teach you how to apply nail polish properly, so keep watching. well, to apply nail polish properly, first you need to divide the nail into three imaginary areas along the surface. dip the brush into the liquid and scrape against the rim to remove excess liquid before going ahead. rub the brush first on the left imaginary section I told you about. Then the middle one. and finally the right section. Never should you let the brush touch the cuticle. to avoid spreading the polish over the skin. now go over the next finger. remember the three imaginary sections.

The left section. the one in the middle. and then the right section. and go on this way polishing the rest of the nails proportionally, then it comes for fixing the polish with top coat. very well guys, this was how nail polishing is done. thanks for putting time to watch. To reserve a seat in our personal or group classes, please dial the numbers provided.

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