How To: Chic Coupe (Layered) Haircut

To get started make the necessary divisions for the hair and determine how short it needs to be cut. Then separate different layers and start trimming from the bottom based on the guide and continue until underneath the crown part of head.
After that, specify a length for one small section on the front part to serve as the guide before beginning to trim the rest based on this guide.
In order to see more about this new fashionable haircut, watch the tutorial below.


Hello everyone, this is Maryam Ebrahimpour, a haircut and facial beauty expert &. instructor. I'm here today with a coupe haircut item for you. This style you're about to see is called a round coupe. the very first thing I'll do is separate a layer of hair, then I'll decide a certain length for the hair. since we want to have a round coupe style, the first thing we'll have to do is decide a hair length. I've chosen this length for the hair, so I'll cut it straight from here. after determining a particular length, I'll begin to separate different layers to trim according to the guide. I'll keep going like this until the below the crown part. once we're done in the back, I'll go on to the front part. we'll set a guide also for the front part to determine a certain length, so I'll take two small sections in the front.

In this part, it will depend on the client's wish how short it should be cut. We usually cut it nose length, but many like to be bangs and eyebrow length. however for this one, I'll cut it to be right level with the tip of the nose. well, this is how short it should be now. We have now guides for both front and back parts, so we're supposed to link the front guide to the one in the back, this way it gives a round shape to the model. but sometimes we're having thick hair, so we have to split it into two parts diagonally. hold the layer straight and start cutting it diagonally to reach the guide on the front. just like this. now let's go over the back guide. as you see, the back part should be linked to the front part by cutting these strands. If you look closely, you'll see the front part has become somewhat curved. I'll check it again if there's any ends left to be cut. now I'll untie the section on the top to bring it down on this trimmed layer.

And as you see, the guide layer is quite visible behind this layer, so I'll start cutting based on the guide. see it holds a curved shape. we'll do exactly the same for the other side of the head. well, you can stop here if you like the layers to be straight with the curved scissors mark visible. but if you want it to be pointy on ends, you can go thin out the layers a bit like this. hold the layer up and go cut with the tip of the scissor in a diagonal direction. it won't leave scissor mark on the hair this way. This way we've thinned out the ends. check it again to see if there's any extra length. well, we're done with this haircut item, I hope you found it beneficial to your needs. To reserve a seat in our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided. see you again soon.

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