Round Graduate Haircut Step-by-Step

In this brief tutorial, a round haircut is explained gradually. This video is provided by Viona Beauty Academy.


Greetings. In this video from Viona Beauty Academy, we want to work on a round graduate haircut. This video was prepared for

Separate the hair on the line of the eyebrow’s arch and cut the hair on the same like with the nose. Then start cutting diagonally with zero-degrees up to the neckline and the earlobe.

At this point, separate the hair from the front until the back of the ears. Separate all the parts horizontally and cut around the head in a forty-five degree angle.

At the end, brush the hair behind and above the ears toward the face and cut it at a zero degree angle on the line with the nose, using the longest strands as a guide. Separating the hair above the ears in two parts, cut the hair vertically in a forty-five degree angle.

This is a beginner haircut. Those of you, who are interested in new technics or professional cuts, contact our consultants over at Viona Beauty Academy.

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