How To: Bridal Chignon

In this tutorial, we will show you how to do a bridal chignon.


Greetings. I am Maryam Ebrahimpour from and today I want to teach you a new chignon. The chignon we want to show you today can be used for general occasions as well as for brides. We can do this chignon on the top, in the middle back, or a little lower on the head. I chose to do it a little lower on the hair and tipped to the side just a bit.

I have separated a part of the hair, attached a hair prosthetic and used a hair spray to smooth the surface. I will separate two layers of hair. One of them is thinner, which I will set aside, and use the thicker layer to separate into five or six and pull over our prosthetic. Let’s start working on our chignon from the front. Let’s separate a layer on the side of the ear. It is very suitable for people who have low eyebrows. Spray the hair with styling spray. Brush it tight. We do not need this layer so the best thing to do is to pull it tightly and lift the face with it. I will use a hairpin right here. Above the prosthetic. I used hairpins to fix the hair in the back.

Separate the next layer of hair diagonally. Brush the hair thoroughly. Spray it a little to reduce frizz. Use your hand to form the hair like this, spray it, and remove the frizz. Let’s use a big hairpin to fix the hair right here and spray the hair a little. Separate the next layer diagonally. I will continue the same way as before. So let’s spray the hair a little to remove the frizzy hair and style the layer with your hand. Spray the hair again after styling. Style gently and use your hair spray. Put this layer above the previous one like this and attach a hairpin right there. When the hairpin is attached, apply some styling spray again. We will continue the same way until the top.

We finished working on the front and now I can straighten the remainder of the layers that.
We had in the front and spray them and use your hands to form them. Use hairpins to fix them. We kept the first layer out as you remember. Straighten the next layer. Spray it. I can use the previous hairpins because those layers are already fixed. When you use your styling spray, you can blow-dry the hair the same time to dry the layer faster and fix the hair. I will continue this process for all the layers we took from the front.

I will tease the layer of hair that we had kept in the beginning and pull it over all the layers in the back. Tease the hair and use styling spray. Straighten it and use styling spray to remove the frizzy hair. Use a hairpin to hold the hair from near the root. Put the hair over the layers and put it under the prosthetic. Separate the free layer and put it aside. Use styling spray on the layer to the side, brush it, and fix it near the prosthetic. Take the remaining layer and brush it. Keep a part of it. Add it to the layer below and apply styling spray. Use a hair clip or hairpin to twist it and fix it right here like this. Take the other section. Hold the hair loosely in your hand. Use styling spray to reduce the frizzy hair and twist this layer around the previous one.

I use hairpins here and use some styling spray as well to fix it. Now I can remove this hair clip and use a hairpin to fix the layer instead. We can remove the hairpins and use smaller pins. We can even use small decorative flowers here if we are doing bridal makeup. This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it. Until next time, goodbye.

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