How To: PhiBrows Eyebrow Hachure

Below, you can watch a tutorial for eyebrows micro-blading performed by Ms. Leila Hemmat, a professional member of PhiBrows academy.


Hello and welcome to Ms. Leila Hemmati beauty saloon. In this tutorial, you will see a brows micro-blading treatment performed by Leila Hemmati (a professional member of PhiBrows academy). In the first step, the area is numbed and fully prepared to receive the colour pigment. after mapping out the outlines around the brows to make the required symmetry, a handheld device is used to deposit the pigment into the skin. Fine hair-like strokes are created by implanting the pigments superficially in the epidermis layer of the skin. This treatment causes no harm to the hair roots. The strokes are delicately drown to mimic the natural hair look. in the last step, a layer of colour pigment is smeared on the brows and remains there for a few minutes till it settles on the skin. That was how this procedure is performed. Thanks a bunch for watching.

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