Francesco Haircuts Explained

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement the Francesco haircut method. This video was provided by Matin Rooyan Beauty Academy.


Greetings. I’m Zhale Khodayan. I’m the administration in charge of Matin Rooyan Beauty Academy. I’m going to talk to you about Francesco haircuts today.

In a Francesco haircut, the important factor is the minimal time spent. All haircut techniques will be observed in this method, include the angle of the cut, and type of cut. Overall, all the techniques are applied but in the shortest time possible. This means you have to finish the cut with one or two cuts in less than three minutes. This method falls under the category of England haircut methods that are widely used all over the world and also taught in cosmetic art schools in Russia.

In a Francesco haircut, all hair is wrapped above in the form of a ponytail from the line of hair growth or bangs to the back of the hair above the neck. To be exact, how you wrap the hair depends on what style of cut you want to get. For this model, I had to make the ponytail on the top of the head. Each change in position or angle will get you a different result. Whether you form the ponytail on the right, left, or center of the head, all affect the result of the haircut. It will change your model as well as techniques.

For this model, I’ve brushed the hair thoroughly, gathered all the hair at the front, and did a ponytail. The hair could be slightly damp or dry. Make sure to brush the ponytail as well. Now we can proceed to the cut. The cut can also affect the result. We might cut in a direct line, or with zigzags, it will affect the result. All of these details are covered extensively in our classes and included workshops. Most other hairstyle artists pay less attention to this useful technique.

Either you can use normal cutting scissors or special Francesco scissors to perform the cut. It doesn’t make much of a difference, the only change is in the time you spend. There are also special scissors used for shearing. Shearing is done in odd numbers always. The number of shearing cuts can be 3, 5, 7 or even higher. Keep in mind that you should always use odd numbers. Why we use odd numbers instead of even, is explained in details during our classes. The subject is too broad to be covered during this tutorial.

This is the result of our Francesco haircut. We didn’t need to measure or check the hair and it only took five cuts to get the final result and took the least amount of time. There’s no need to check the cut again. These techniques can help you get the best possible results with your work and satisfy your client.

I hope to see you in our classes to talk more about these techniques and methods. Until next time, goodbye.

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