How to Do a Short Bob Haircut

Here we are going to show you how to do a Short Bob hairdo.


Greeting, I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour on and today we are going to do a Short Bob haircut. This is a base haircut for beginners who are just learning how to cut hair.

We separate a batch from under the hairlines. We have to separate the hair diagonally from both sides. As you can see the hair is separated in diagonal line exactly above the ears on both left and right.

We have to cut this part and to do that you can use scissors or a razor comb. Here, since we are doing the haircut on a manikin head, we’re not going to use a scissor because it might look uneven and produce undesirable results, so we’re just going to use the razor comb. We chop the hair a little and measure it for the right place to start cutting. Cut the hair on the neckline. We can use a trimmer for this part too. You have to cut diagonally in a 90-degree angle. You can even grind or cut this part completely. You can use a trimmer, or scissors and a comb to cut the hair.

I'm going to cut this whole part evenly. Now you have to keep in mind that this type of cut will look much better on an actual head. Cut far enough until you have something like this. Okay, so now that we have cut this part evenly,
We are going to separate thin layers from beside the ears. Again we start cutting at a 90-degree angle. Off to the next layer. Use the previous cut as a guide and keep going. Going up we separate another layer and keep cutting. We have to cut the long hair left on the left and right side of the hair too. Cut in a 90-degree angle. As you can see, the part behind the ear is completely empty. The sides should be cut in a 90-degree angle too.

Now the only part left is the hair covering the cheeks and the front of the face. So I separate a batch of hair from above the ears and at the same line with the eyebrows, and pull that part up. We have to cut this part with relevance to the other parts of the hair or I can even cut it a little more. Now I’m going to part the hair to the sides and check to see if both sides are cut evenly.

Here we have no mirror to show you the back, and the manikin head doesn’t look all that elegant, but you do, and it’s going to look much better on an actual head. Check both sides of the head with a mirror to make sure cuts are even. You can sweep the hair back. The immediate front of the hair depends on what you or the customer wants. You can do a side sweep or sweep the hair back.

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